Thursday, June 25, 2015

Neck Road Boat Ramp

Greetings to All,

Finally we broke twelve. On our 12th outing of the season, with no weather cancellations so far.

We had two Jays, Veronica, Betsey, Patty, Julia, Judy, Denise, Sally, Hans, Keiko, and me. And -  ooops -- Ed M., whose name Jay had given me a couple of weeks ago, but who I don't know yet, would make 13. But I didn't realize he was there. He must have slipped in late and Jay noticed him only as we were leaving. There had been several other people who came through during the morning, but I can't believe I missed a painter!  Ed, please come and find me when you arrive next time!

Sally was the early-bird, already set up and ready to paint when I arrived around 8:30. The no-see-ums were swarming and hungry until the breeze came up. Then the breeze was a little spunky, blowing over a few easels and scudding used paper towel blotters. We had to position a car to block the wind when we did our wrap-up.

It was a sparkling morning, with a few high clouds creeping in late. It was all water-media today but not all watercolor, with three painters working in acrylics.  Judy and Betsey were just off their Landgrove Inn workshop with Ted Nuttal, and Judy was already anticipating returning for some more Landgrove coddling and another dose of Alvaro Castagnet. Patty and Veronica were still in Don Andrews mode from their recent workshop at Falmouth.

The two large osprey nests both were still occupied, signifying that they both have chicks.  My camera spotted at least three chicks with their heads up on the larger nest.

Again, we had two lunch contingents with the larger one staying for byo and a few heading for Cilantro's.

Next week, I had Essex Steam Railroad on our schedule, but everyone I spoke with was already committed for holiday activities, so I think it's better to just take a week's break. I know I can use the extra time. So our next paint-out will be July 9 at Birbarie Marine in Branford.

Have a great and safe holiday.


Neck Road Boat Ramp

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