Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Medad Stone Tavern -- 27 August 2013

Things were pretty wet at dawn, when most of us rolled out of bed and turned on our computers, TV's, or radios to see what the forecast would say. It said things would pretty much clear up and dry out by mid-morning. And that's just what happened. Eight of us had faith enough to show up -- Patty, Elena, Betsey, Bob, Jay, Pam, Sally, and me.

Pam and Bob both had to leave early. Hans showed up on foot -- Dorothea dropped him off while she went off to do errands, this day before they head off to Tuscany! (We're all expecting to see a collection of Tuscan watercolors in a few weeks.) Betsey brought a portrait she had done of Hans from a photo. Wow!

It was quite a beautiful morning, a bit hot in the sun, but mostly pleasant. The newly re-sided barn is quite a change from the one we painted last summer. The horses were fairly camera shy, as usual, but we managed to catch a few pics.

Today was our final Tuesday of the season. From now on, our regular painting day will be Thursday. I had thought that we would not paint on Thursday next week, because of the holiday and the Riverside event on the following weekend. But I think Sally may call a paint-out for Thursday, as well. The more the better, right?

As of now, we have six CTSA members signed up for the special Riverside Park paint-out in New London on Saturday, the 7th. If you want to join that group, you still have a few days until August 30 to register by email to mrsj@snet.net. If you are planning to go, please also let me know, so that we can look for you there.

Medad Images

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Call to Paint -- Tuesday, 27 August 2013 -- 8 AM -- Medad Stone Tavern

Greetings to All,

Things are looking pretty good for Tuesday, and we are confirmed with Medad, so there will be bathrooms available after about 9 or 9:30 AM. We are asked to NOT park in the community garden and not to block the access gate to the garden.

I plan to start by 8 AM for the fresh temperature and light. Come later if that doesn't work for you. We will plan to do our wrap-up around 11:45.

Directions below.

I hope to see you there.


MEDAD STONE TAVERN, 197 Three Mile Course, Guilford

From I-95, take Exit 57 (US Rte. 1, Boston Post Road). Turn east on Rte. 1, and proceed 1 mile. Turn right (south) on Three Mile Course, and proceed 0.2 mile, to a four-way intersection, where the road jogs slightly to the right. Stay on Three Mile Course for another 0.2 mile. Medad Stone Tavern is on your right. The driveway entry is on the south side of the property.

Alternatively (more direct, but also more traffic and lights), southbound on I-95, take Exit 59 (Goose Lane). Turn right (south) off the ramp onto Goose Lane, and proceed 0.2 mile to US Rte. 1, Boston Post Road. Turn right (west), onto US Rte. 1, and proceed 1.4 miles. Turn left (south) on Three Mile Course.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Branford Green - 20 August 2013

Eleven painters and one photographer/visitor/coach spent a delightful morning painting the green. Sally and I arrived at 7:30. Sally went right to work. She knew what she wanted to paint. I roamed around, shot lots of photos, looked at a couple of things that I thought might work, sat on a bench and looked some more, brought my car around to Main Street and set up on a park bench, and started with a value sketch in my sketchbook. Then, right before everyone began to arrive -- I think perhaps between 8:30 and 9, I started my drawing. Betsey came up and said, "Oh, you haven't begun to paint yet -- Sally looks like her painting is almost finished!" Oh well. I'm just slow!

Anyway, we were Sally, Betsey, Kay, Kaleigh, Gretchen B., Silvia, Patty, Tom M, Elena and John (both new to our group, out with us for the first time and painting in oil, along with Tom) and me. Jay B-a was on the prowl with his camera but did not paint. Since he was still there when we finished, he  insisted on being on the other side of the camera for our group shot.

Although the forecast said it would be quite hot, those of us who painted in the shade (and there is plenty there) were very comfortable. Even Sally stayed until after 11. She had a cool breeze the whole time.

Next week Medad Tavern in Guilford. Either I or Sally will post it with directions.

Branford Green -- Images