Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And to All a Good Night

Greetings to All,

Well, it was almost going to be. The forecast for tomorrow calls for mostly sunny and mid-to high 30's. But that doesn't pair well with a robust breeze from the southwest, since to benefit from the heat of the sun you also have to be in the wind. So let's call it a wrap for 2013 and ramp up the studio production.

We painted together 30 times this year, starting on April 4 and ending on December 12, including two special broader group paint-outs in Lyme and New London. We'll still aim for mid-March for our first paint-out of 2014.

I'll be seeing some of you in the Madison Wednesday watercolor studio, starting on January 8. And Lyme's first show of 2014 receives on January 5, followed by Madison's member show receiving on February 1. I'll be working on a schedule of show details for 2014 as soon as that information starts hitting the airways. I'll also be working on our paint-out schedule, so if you have any suggestions for new venues, please either leave a comment on this post or send me an email. We will be sticking with our Thursday schedule for the entire season, rather than switching between Tuesday and Thursday.

I wish you a joyous, safe holiday season, and I'm looking forward to a fulfilling new year of painting and appreciating art together.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Guilford Green - Thursday, 12 December 2013

Greetings to All,

Notwithstanding my Tuesday post, indicating that we would not paint this week, after lots of recalculating and after taking measure of the day's sun and blue sky, I managed to find one hardy soul -- Betsey -- to come out and paint with me this morning. Around 9:30, I pulled my car into the one space that I really-really wanted, just north of the alleyway by the Food Market. I set up my chair and low tables right next to my driver's side door, as there is a no-parking zone at the head of the alleyway, which minimizes the danger of a car turning in there. In the lee of my car, I was in an excellent sun trap, sheltered from the W/NW breeze.

Around 10 AM, Betsey set up her stool and gear right next to me. Except for fingers and noses, our layered clothing kept us quite toasty, and I even worked without gloves off and on through the morning. The paint started to freeze on my palette only once, probably around 11 AM. It was lots of fun, because people coming and going would stop and ask if we were nuts, amid other comments. Finally, around 11:45, the shadow of the market started to encroach, and the wind shifted westerly and picked up in velocity, blowing down the alleyway. But Betsey was finished already, and I was digging myself into a deeper hole laying in shadow shapes from a faulty memory. So we called it a day and ducked into Cilantro's to warm up and celebrate what may be our last paint-out of the year.

The toasty warm of the interior and the hot Chai for me and tea for Betsey were only made better by finding Gayle A. sitting there having a sandwich while he waited for his books to be wrapped up next door. Gayle says he has been very busy this year, painting a little, but working with an architect, developing professional drawings, as well as still dealing with family fall-out from the loss of Jeanne last year. But he was in good spirits, planning to head to DC over the holidays, and obviously doing a great job attending to his Christmas shopping, It was great to chat and catch up after such a long time.

So now we'll just hope to get a bonus paint-out next Thursday, when the forecast suggests we might expect much warmer weather. If it also has sun and not too much wind, we'll try to get out one more time. Then we call it quits no matter what the weather.

Photos from Guilford Green

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not This Week

No way this week, but let's not call it quits just yet. Next Thursday still could be above freezing, and if it's sunny, we still could paint out.

Meanwhile enjoy some well-earned studio time.


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rain Out

Good Morning, My Friends,

The forecast says cloudy, but it's awfully wet and breezy here. So I'm going to head in to Brush & Palette in New Haven and paint the figure today.

Here's what Jay said this morning --

"Right now it;s raining in Branford, I see drops hitting puddles in my driveway.

If it clears up I may go to the Guilford Green but it's too early to see at this point. ...  I might go if it clears a bit and will post on the web site:  or email to the group."

So, if you're inclined, check back to see what Jay might be doing. But I'll be happily painting inside today.  We'll hope for next week.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not so Sure

That forecast that looked so good a few days ago has really deteriorated, and Thursday morning is looking quite damp. I have my doubts, but let's not throw in the towel just yet. Be sure to check for updates before you go.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Call to Paint -- Thursday, 5 December 2013 -- 10 AM

Greetings to All,

You haven't gotten rid of me yet! 

The forecast for Thursday is looking quite good, albeit sunless. Let's see if we can capture the impending holiday bustle on the Guilford Green. Although I've posted the time as 10 AM, if it's not too cold, I will try to be there between 9 and 9:30.

I hope to see you there.