Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stony Creek this morning.

We had a very good morning - warm, but with an onshore breeze, surprisingly comfortable. Six painters ventured forth today, including Marlou, Mary Ann, Pat, Rosemary, Sandy, and Veronica. Five of us worked in watercolor; Marlou used pastels. At one point a group of day-camp children descended on our gazebo like a flock of noisy parrots, but fortunately they went down to the beach to play within a few minutes. The tide was out, so there weren't as many beachgoers as there might be later on in the day, but still quite a few people enjoyed the beach and the park area. Very pleasant indeed.

Next week we will be painting at the Essex Steam Train station (directions in the right column). I haven't been there before so I hope to meet some of you there who have. But I've seen wonderful paintings by members of our group; the trains obviously provide a very interesting painting challenge.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Call to Paint at Stony Creek Waterfront, Thursday July 28 9-noon

It will be warm, partly sunny, with a possible shower on Thursday. We'll paint at Stony Creek, where you can paint houses on the shore, the beach with children at play, the marina, and more. Directions in the column at right. You can park on the street. There is some shade in and around the gazebo.

Reminder: please pass on to your painting companions info about the blog and how to sign up for email announcements and information that will automatically arrive in your in-box each time we post on the blog.

Hope to see you there. Below are a few photos from past visits to Stony Creek.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Medad Stone Tavern, July 21, 2016

It was a beautiful morning at the Tavern. We were only four painters, but we had a very pleasant time in the shade of the trees, painting the barn, the fence, and the museum, with the horses emerging every so often to check us out, and the nine little girls from the Historic American Girls camp eager to see our work. Our little group included Mary Ann, with us for her first time; Gretchen B painting with her granddaughter Mallory; and me.

Next week we paint at Stony Creek. Hope to see you all then.

P.S. A note about Thursday at the Tavern: Joan H just reminded me of two things we need to bear in mind. One, please park in such a way that cars heading to the Community Garden behind the house can get through. And two, the Historic American Girl Dolls camp will be taking place in the house.
After being in Russia for two weeks, my mind hasn't quite returned to Guilford and painting yet. My apologies for bothering you twice about this week!

Call to Paint, Thursday July 21, Medad Stone Tavern, Guilford, 9-noon

The Tavern is at 197 Three Mile Course - directions in the right-hand column. It is not far from Bishop's Orchards Farm Market on Rte 1.

This museum belongs to the Guilford Keeping Society, along with the Thomas Griswold House Museum, where we painted recently. You can find more information at:

The weather on Thursday should be sunny and warm, and there is plenty of shade under the trees. Bring lunch if you like so we can relax for a while after painting.

See you then,

Patty's Notes from Clinton Town Landing on July 14, 2016

What looked to be a very hot day turned into perfect painting weather at the Clinton Town Landing.  Tom was the early bird at 8 am.  Patty, Rosemary, Pat A. & Isabelle came along a little later.  The Landing is a serene venue and with a wonderful breeze it was a perfect day.

Patty's Notes and Photos from Chaffinch Island Park, July 7, 2016

A lot of us were expecting a bust of a paint day today as it has been soooo
hot.  What a nice surprise when 11 of us meandered into the park & a delightful breeze was blowing from top of the hill.  Granted when we left at 1pm it was hot, but mission accomplished.  Some wonderful renderings of the area were produced.  I hope I didn't forget anyone but those who attended today were:
Denise, Pat A., Tom, Polly, Marlu, George, Isabella, Diana, Ann, Jay & Patty

Friday, July 1, 2016

Oops - after all, Patty took some photos of painting at the Guilford Train Station.
Thanks, Patty! Here they are: