Friday, June 19, 2015

Florence Griswold Museum - June 2015

Greetings to All,

We were only six - Patty, Veronica, Rosemary, Tina, Terry, and me. Except for Tina, we were all from the formative CTSA group from 2010. I hope all you bus trip people enjoyed your visit to the Clarke Museum. We-six had a fine morning at Flo Gris, where we had pretty good light and a cool little breeze. We even enjoyed a bit of sun late in the morning.

I made several mistakes, in addition to the scheduling of this outing on the day of the bus trip. First, I neglected to check my batteries to be sure I had at least one that was fully charged. Then I got carried away with my macro-flower shooting. So by the time I got around the back rose garden and back to the main garden, I had just a few shots left before my battery went dead. That's when I discovered that the other two batteries in my sack also were exhausted. And I had not even decided where I would paint yet.

Finally, I settled down and painted. At Noon, Veronica tapped me on the shoulder.  When I went to pull out my lunch, I discovered I had packed only a jug of iced tea and some cherries, and I had put the plastic bin that had my lunch in it back in the refrigerator before I left home.  But the cherries and tea were plenty...

Sometimes a battery will revive a bit if you let it rest a while. So I put that battery back in and shot one pic of all our paintings. Then I shut off the camera and lined us up for a timed group shot.  When that went OK, I decided to keep shooting, and I was able to get all of the individual paintings, plus a few more. At 1:30, I left Veronica who had stayed to work some more on her painting.

Next Thursday, I have us scheduled for Neck Road/Circle Beach, near the boat ramp, on the Madison side of Grass Island.  Directions are posted on the blog. We should have a falling tide through the morning, with the low just after noon.  Think - how to paint beautiful mud?

Florence Griswold Museum


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