Monday, June 26, 2017

Paint Out Thurs June 29, Hyland House

Paint at the Hyland House Museum, Guilford, on Thursday June 29

Parking on the street. If people paint from the sidewalk across the road, please be considerate and don't block their view. Otherwise, paint anywhere on the property. Enjoy! Directions as usual at, right-hand column.

Last week at Mercy Center, Betsey and Patty tell me that eleven painters enjoyed a quiet beautiful clear and sunny day with a light breeze: John, Tom, Bev, Elena, Cheryl, Nancy, Patty, Sally, Linda, Jane & Betsey. They sent me these photos - thanks Betsey and Patty!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Paint-Out Thurs June 22

Call to Paint, Thursday June 22 at Mercy Center, Madison

As usual, directions at our blog at
Please note: the sisters at Mercy Center ask that you go to the front desk and sign in when you arrive. I believe this is a new policy. Please make sure you take a minute to do this.

Last Thursday, ten of us painted at the Thomas Griswold House on a beautiful morning: Marlu, Jane (with dog Tessa, see photo!), Sally, Keiko, Betsey, Nancy, Patty, John, Veronica, and Linda.

Happy painting!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Paint Out Thurs June 15, Thomas Griswold House, Guilford

Our next painting location is the Thomas Griswold House Museum in Guilford (as usual, directions in the right-hand column of the blog at, where you will also find our schedule until the end of August).

This past Thursday, six painters took advantage of the lovely weather at Bauer Farm Park in Madison: Nancy, John, Jane, Betsey, Patty, and Veronica. At least one painter was delighted to be introduced to Bauer Farm, which is a Madison town park and can be visited any time. We all agreed that this is one of the best places to paint, offering so many different subjects.

See you on Thursday 15th at the Thomas Griswold House.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Call to Paint Thurs June 8, Bauer Farm Park

We'll be in Madison at Bauer Farm Park (directions in the right column at the blog,  Rolling hills, pond, gazebo, gardeners tending their allotment plots, interesting house, etc. Very paintable! As usual, from 9 am (or earlier, or later, as you wish).
See you there!

PS, Next week (June 15) will be at Thomas Griswold House, Guilford. I'm working on the schedule and hope to have a more complete list up as soon as I hear back from the locations that require permission.

Catching up on May 18, Grass Island and East River, Guilford (also known as Neck Road Boat Launch)

Betsey sent me this (Jeanne's photos):

Today was a perfect day to paint along the East River in Madison at the boat launch.  Not a cloud in the sky & a playful breeze that kept everyone cool & happy.  Present were:  Tom, Jeanne, Ed, Marlou & me.  All enjoyed the day!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Catching Up: May 11 at West Wharf, Madison

Jay B and Sally passed on these photos to me:

Five painters gathered at the very end of the beach (Jeanne, Keiko, Diana, Marlu, and Sally) as there were many activities at the buildings and the bocce courts.  It turned very warm around 10 but then a SE wind off the water cooled things down again and brought in beautiful clouds as you can see in Jeanne’s painting.  Lovely quiet day where we were. 
Here are Sally's photos:


Jay was at another part of the beach. Here are his photos:

More catching up to come!