Friday, December 25, 2015

Hammonasset on Christmas Day in 62 degree weather

Five of us painted at East Beach at Hammonasset Dec 25.  There were hundreds of people running, biking, walking, many with dogs happy to be out, and the mood was indeed festive.  Jay, Betsey, Diana, Cheryl, and I each found different views to paint while still remaining within relative shouting distance.  This is an area that has no shade so in the hot summer sun, it would not be a desirable venue, however, I won't forget the area for spring and fall paint outs.  Plus there's Middle Beach which also has some nice perspectives.

And four of us painted Wednesday on the Guilford Green, though by noon the wind had made the day quite chilly.  Didn't get photos from Wed but below are the photos from today.

It doesn't look like there will be any good days to paint next week, with much cooler temps and a possible wintry mix one day.  So cheers, everyone, for a great year of plein air painting.

Stay tuned for that post-snow day in 2016 with bright sun, no wind, and 40 degree temps for a call to paint, either from Jay or me.

Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dudley Farm Dec 16

This still may be not be the last paint out of the year.  Next Tuesday, Dec 22, is looking good for mild weather, 54 degrees, albeit cloudy.  Let's meet at the Guilford Green as long as there's no rain.  Same time, 11-2, and then go to Cilantro's to celebrate the winter solstice.  From there on, days get longer.

Eight artists (Bev, Jay, Betsey, Diana, Cheryl, Rosanne, Ed, Sally) had a very enjoyable day at Dudley Farm.  Winds were not what was predicted and being in the sun was actually too warm when dressed in heavy winter garb.

Will we ever tire of painting at Dudley Farm?  I have been in touch with the president of Dudley Farm Association about an artist fund-raiser for the old barn restoration project.  We don't want that barn to collapse on those lovable sheep, do we?  Janet Dudley will follow up on this in the new year.  Would you be willing to donate a portion of the sale of one (or more) of your Dudley Farm paintings towards the barn project fund?


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Essex @ 60 degrees on Dec 15, 2015

There were seven (Betsey, Cheryl, Beverly, Ed, Tina, Jay, Sally) who painted in Essex with little puffs of wind now and then and warm temperatures.

Betsey, Cheryl, and I painted off the beaten path after obtaining permission from a dock manager.  I doubt this spot would be available at any other time of the year.   It's next to the Corinthian Yacht Club and I have been chased out of the latter area in the winter when I was bird watching.  

Jay painted at the end of Main St and Beverly was by the CT River Museum.  Ed and Tina painted streetscapes.  

Next week doesn't look good for painting outdoors.  

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Beautiful day at Essex Dec 10

There were five painters (Rosanne, Anne, Marge, Cheryl, Sally) who showed up at the little park in Essex.  We were so fortunate to be outside enjoying painting on this incredible day.  I stayed till almost 3.  Cheryl and I then visited the new gallery on Main St.  This is the 4th iteration.  Let's hope this is a lucky four.  Next time you're in Essex, visit the Cooper and Smith gallery. It's filled with wonderful and interesting art.

The forecast for next week is in the mid 50s with Tuesday and Wednesday looking like the best days.


Friday, December 4, 2015

Bauer Farm Friday Dec 4

Six painters (Ed, Isabel, Diana, Betsey, Tina, Sally) enjoyed the warmth of the sun and long cast shadows.  Diana was there before 10.  The rest of us arrived noonish and left around 2, with Isabel still there painting.  Mid-afternoon cools off fast.

Apparently, December is going to be mild so look forward to more days like today for paint outs.


Sunday, November 29, 2015

New Juried Show at Maple & Main

You're invited to enter the first juried art show at Maple and Main Gallery in Chester from Jan. 28 through March 13. Bob Noreika is the juror, there are awards and a professional, beautiful setting for your art. Please click on "Juried Show" on for details and the prospectus. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Medad Tavern Wednesday Nov 25

Eight painters showed up around 10AM at Medad Tavern to paint.  The day turned out to be cloudy so it was chillier than expected.  Ed, Diana, Roseanne, Betsey, Denise, Jay, Beverly, and I enjoyed the secluded atmosphere that Medad offers.   Five of us left around 12:30 to convene for lunch at Cilantro's, one of our favorite Guilford eating spots in cold weather. Our lunch time is always filled with laughter and much talk about painting and art.

Remember if you want to be part of our winter painting group, email me your address so you can receive the latest updates on paint outs.  sbrown01 (at) snet (dot) net

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dudley Farm Painting Day

Cloudy most of the day with 8 painters (Jay, Cheryl, Roseanne, Diana, Betsey, Ed, Isabel, me) but overall pleasant conditions with so much to paint.  Dudley Farm is always a rewarding venue.  We'll be going there again soon.  This will be a beautiful venue for one of those special snow days with brilliant sun.

(If you get this post in your email, simply click on any photo and the blog will open in your browser with the photos enlarged.  Then you can click on any photo and you can simply scroll through them.)


  The sheep and oxen welcomed us with open arms, or well, eyes. 

Everyone arrived bundled up as it proved to be cooler than predicted with the heavy overcast sky.  The sun peeked out every now and then close to noon teasing us with its warmth.  Five of us headed to lunch at Cilantro's at 1, leaving Ed and Isabel still painting.  

Jay's new style.  
No, it's really his palette.  Below is his actual painting. 

Ed did this on a 5 x7. 

Diana bought red tinted glasses to help in determining values in her painting below. 
She said they really helped.  Anyone want to try them?