Sunday, April 30, 2017

Call to Paint, Thurs, May 4, Clinton Landing

Hi, painters,

I will be unavailable for the month of May, so am including our remaining dates in this post. I'm sure the damp April weather will change to sunshine in May and bring you all out to paint en plein air very soon: 

May 4: Clinton Landing (Town Hall)
May 11: West Wharf Beach, Madison
May 18: Neck Road Boat Launch, Madison
May 25: Young's Pond Park, Branford
June 1: Trolley Road, Guilford
(Further schedule to come.)
Since I will not be sending regular calls to paint each week in May, please take it as done. You will find directions to the locations on our blog at in the right-hand column. One can sign up to follow the blog by email there as well - do please pass this on to other interested painters.

Last Thursday at Bauer Farm Park in Madison, the weather started off with drizzle and gradually cleared up. Betsey and I were the only painters and we both had a most enjoyable morning. The farm is particularly lovely at this time of the year, trees barely showing color so you can see further than in deep summer. Loads of birds, some children doing nature study, dog walkers, and a few community gardeners getting their plots ready for the growing season.

I sat under the gate of my station wagon; watercolor doesn't respond well to drizzle. Betsey worked in oil (and a raincoat) so appeared oblivious to weather.
Happy May painting to everyone!




Wednesday, April 26, 2017

April 27, 2017 Bauer Park Farm
Oops, I forgot to do the Call to Paint email. I hope you'll all get this message in time. We will be at Bauer Park Farm in Madison. Directions and a partial schedule for this spring are in the column to the right on the blog at Hope to see you there.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Paint Out plus some announcements

April 17, 2017

Paint Out, Thurs April 18, at Guilford Green (yes, again)

It's going to rain, very likely, on Thursday. Last week it was remarkably chilly on the Guilford Green but four of us braved it - Betsey, Ed, George, and Veronica. So I'm really not expecting much for this coming Thursday, but if you are truly intrepid and can paint in the rain, the Green has four sides of views that love being painted.

Jay Babina from the MAS Plein Air group tells me about the following:
We have an event on Saturday, May 6 at Hammonasset Park in Madison. It's the Greenway Trail walk / paint out.
The walk is 9-12 and it's advertised by the Shoreline Greenway Trail Association to all its members and there will be additional announcements in many local papers.

We did this two years ago and basically its the same format as then. Last year we got rained out.

We park in the lot heading N of Rt 1 just past the entrance into the park or.... park in the first lot to the right of the toll area. The Greenway trail starts right along the entree into Hammonasset on the right. You can paint along the trails wherever you want. The last time we had that there were quite a few people walking the trails and checking out the paintings and talking to the artists.

We would like to have a showing of the paintings, probably along Rt 1 in the field parking lot or perhaps along the parking lot in the park. We have not finalized all those things as of yet. It's not a bad idea to check out the trail before the event.

You will get further information on all of this as we approach, Saturday, May 6

Mary Beeman tells us about a painting workshop in Italy that she's excited about: Hit “Workshops”, then hit “Painting Workshops in Italy”.
William McCarthy is a local artist who lives in Hamden. Apparently there are still openings for his May and September workshops.

Happy painting!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Addendum to yesterday's post...

April 11, 2017

Here's a selection of Jay Bright's photos of images from his show at the Da Silva Gallery, 897 Whalley Avenue, New Haven, Wed to Sat 10-5 until April 29.



Monday, April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

Paint-out on Thursday, April 13, Guilford Green, and show announcement
Hi, everyone,
I'm working on the schedule for this spring and summer, but in the meantime, we can meet on the Guilford Green, the usual time, 9 am to noon, or whatever time you want to arrive.

An announcement from our painting friend Jay Bright: He has a show at the Da Silva Gallery, 897 Whalley Avenue, New Haven (parking in the rear lot) which is open Wed to Sat 10-5. The show runs from April 8 until April 29.

He will be showing two contrasting projects “Fauvism & Flags”, one started in 2005 and ended in 2012 inspired by Andre Derain's paintings of London. His paintings started as watercolors in a small sketch book, then were digitally enlarged and heavily overlaid with gouache, more watercolors, and pastels. Bright then made even larger paintings, adding "improbable" details, intense color juxtapositions, to create a hyper-homage, deeply personal texture.

In contrast to these paintings, Bright will also be hanging a series featuring the American flag, begun on Memorial Day in 2000. What started as a meditation of the role of Bright's father as a leader of a bomb demolition squad turned civil servant for the army has become an exploration of the current political climate. 

Hope to see you on the Green on Thursday,