Monday, June 8, 2015

Clinton Landing - June 2015

Greetings to All,

Here I am finally with last week's recap. It's been a very busy week. And you will see by the limited number of pics that I was staying very focused this week, trying to figure out how to mostly finish a painting on site. Of course that's just a pipe dream for me, but the idea kept me glued to my task and not out shooting photos.

Six painters enjoyed a sunny, breezy morning at Clinton Landing - Denise, Sally, Judy, Betsey, Keiko, and me.  We enjoyed the company of a glossy ibis, 3 Canada Goose goslings with their parents, and a yellow crowned night heron. Not a bad little bird list for a morning's painting.

After the wrap-up, a few of us went by my new coop gallery - Clinton Art Gallery -- to check out the new layout and new artists. Then Judy, Sally, and I went to Cohen's Bagel Shop for a yummy lunch.

Next time, Stony Creek Docks.  I'm thinking the dock area and the little store. We can do the gazebo scene later in the summer. But, of course, if it's the gazebo or something else that suits you, that's your choice. So far, it looks like the weather will cooperate

Clinton Landing

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