Sunday, June 30, 2013


The forecast does not look good, but we'll keep an eye on it. This is going to be one of those weeks when we have to call it at the last minute. Our go-to venue for summer days when rain is likely is Bauer Farm in Madison. But if we have both rain and wind, as the forecast shows for Tuesday, even that might not make sense. Check the blog before you go.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Essex Steam Railroad -- 25 June 2013

Ten people showed up this morning for our first ever paint-out in this a-bit-out-of-the-way venue. We were rewarded with LOTS of material, shade and a breeze to keep the heat under control, and another very pleasant outing together. Those of us who sat under the trees just plain did not feel the heat.

I had about an hour on my own before anyone else showed up -- time to get up-close to the trains, as the workers started their day, preparing the trains for the afternoon's activities. When I finally sat down to sketch, the workers told me I had about an hour before they moved the engine. So when Jeannette showed up, to check in and see what everyone else was up to, she found me deep in concentration. She was not especially interested in the trains and went off to paint at a pond nearby, but not before a few others started to trickle in -- Terry E, Kay and Kaleigh, Jay, Patty, Betsey, Cindy, and Rosemary.

The administrative people, understanding how to play to the public, very kindly have placed some most appealing train cars just where it might be convenient for folks to relax and admire them, conveniently sited so that artists are comfortable enough to stay a while. Most of us were taken with personality of and the lovely shadows on the little red caboose. Patty went with the mystery of the mechanics, and Rosemary found even more personality in the little engine that could. What fun!

--Next week I've scheduled Trolley Road, but I'm not so sure we shouldn't try to find some shade instead. Of course we could tailgate for shade... If you have suggestions, fire away!

Images of the Day: 

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Call to Paint -- Tuesday, 25 June 2013 -- 8 AM

Essex Steam Train -- Valley Railroad

Essex, CT

So far, the forecast gives us a GO for Tuesday -- our first visit to paint at this site. If I remember correctly, the man told me there is shade and trains on a side track in a place that will be convenient for painting, as they have painters who visit regularly. Again, we can expect HEAT, so I will plan to start at 8. If you don't like that time, come when you can. It will be fun to do something different from our usual landscapes and seascapes. Bring lunch or plan to get some lunch at their Trackside Cafe. This site also has bathrooms.

Directions below.

I hope to see you there!


ESSEX STEAM TRAIN, 1 Railroad Ave., Essex


From I-95, take Exit 69. Merge onto CT-9N toward Essex/Hartford. After 3.7 miles,
take Exit 3. Turn LEFT (north) onto CT-154. After 0.2 mi., turn LEFT onto Middlesex Turnpike (Saybrook Road. After 0.3 mi., turn LEFT onto Railroad Avenue. The station is directly ahead. If you do not see anyone from our group in this area, look for a CTSA sign on a tripod to direct you.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Viewing the Photos

In case you have not yet discovered -- if you double-click a photo, you can bring up the film strip and advance through them with your navigation keys.


Recap -- Florence Griswold Museum -- 18 June 2013

Greetings to All,

First, let me apologize for being so late with this post. Again, too many irons in the fire, but part of my excuse is that I went out to paint at Chaffinch I. with Jay's group on Wednesday, and I went up to Lyme to see the Hudson Valley exhibit at LAA yesterday. Both excuses well worth the delay for me. My third excuse is that I shot too many photos, and it took a long time to wade through them all.

Tuesday was close to perfect for our annual paint-out at the Flo-Gris. We had 15 painters -- Kaleigh, Veronica, Cheryl, Terry B and Rosemary all out for the first time this season, new member Cindy Taylor and Cheryl's friend Ellen from Lyme out with us for the first time, Bob VanM, Betsey, Kay, Terry E, Jay, Keiko, Patty, and me. Boy, this time of year, keeping track of everyone gets dicey.

Flo-Gris was beautiful as usual. Many of us who have painted along the waterside in past years decided to focus on the gardens this time. That's always pleasant, even if your painting flops. Veronica actually finished up a painting that she started there two years ago - let's see, I think that was our first paint-out there.

I think a few painters stayed for a byo picnic. I had planned to do that, but Bob was ill, so I headed home. (He is fine now, but it took a few days.)

If you have not yet seen the Hudson Valley exhibit, which opened yesterday, you might want to put that on your calendar. It is showing at Lyme Art Association until July 28. There are many extraordinary paintings, including a masterful still life by Eileen, whose work is immediately recognizable. But you will also recognize the work of other nationally known artists. You will find a number of fine watercolors in the mix, as well as some interesting sculpture.Take a close look at the Siegmund and Sieglinde sculpture in the rear gallery. It's more than pretty faces.

Flo-Gris Images ...