Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hyland House Take-Down and Other Art Events

Greetings to All,

Summer days and weeks seem to fly by. If you entered paintings and/or contributed easels for the Hyland House exhibit, remember to pick up on Monday, August 4, between 10 and Noon. If you are not able to make this time, please either ask someone else to pick up for you, or if you can't find someone, get in touch with Sandy or me.

And speaking of art exhibits, July/August really turns them on.  Essex and Clinton received this week and have their opening receptions, respectively, on Friday, July 25 (6-8) and Sunday, July 27 (5-7). Lyme receives today for the members-only three-day un-juried show/sale during the Summer Festival, and on Monday, July 28, for the juried August Light exhibit, opening on Friday, August 8 (6-8). And the Willoughby Wallace Library in Stony Creek receives on Monday, July 28, for their annual exhibit featuring paintings of Stony Creek, opening Sunday, August 3 (4-6).

As if that were not enough, we have at least two outdoor events -- Madison's Scranton Library Festival of the Arts on Friday/Saturday, July 25-26, and Lyme's Art Show and Fence Sale on Saturday, July 26, which is part of their Mid-Summer Festival on July 25-26.

Just in case you were looking for something to do during the next 12 days...


RESCHEDULE -- Florence Griswold Museum

Greetings to All,

Again the weather gods have foiled us. Thursday is looking not so good - weatherwise, and Friday looks perfect. After consulting with our regular painters, I've rescheduled us for Friday at Flo-Gris. We likely will have only a handful of painters, but I think we will not have to worry about rain.

So -- Friday at 9 (or earlier), and bring lunch.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Call to Paint -- Thursday, 24 July 2014 -- 9 AM

Greetings to All,

The Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme has something for just about everyone -- water, gardens, interesting architecture, figures, and a bit of vista, looking down from the lawn to the Lieutenant River which reaches way back into the distance. So hopefully all those summer family plans will not keep too many of us away from this week's paint-out. This is the reschedule of our June outing which was postponed because of rain.

We're seeing a modest chance of some showers on Thursday, but this time of year, they are more likely to come in the afternoon. We can hope.

Although I've posted the start time as 9 AM, I'm hoping to get there closer to 8, so I can take a liesurely walk around and shoot some photos and get a feel for where to paint. So if you come early, you likely will have company. But be mindful, if you need a bathroom, the museum does not open until 10.

Directions may be found on the blog on the Directions page.

Again, please park in the lot behind the little Chadwick Studio, to leave the more convenient parking space open for regular museum visitors. Also, plan to bring your lunch, and we will find a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the ambiance and chat for a while after our wrap-up.

I'll  hope to see you there.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Essex Steam Railroad -- 17 July 2014

Greetings to All,

I guess there were just 11 painters this morning to attempt again to paint the moving feast of steam trains... Terry, Kay, Kaleigh, Tina, Jay Ba, Joan McP, Bob VanM, Judy, Jeannette, and me, and one member of Jay's MAS group, whose name I can not pull out, even after working hard to remember it twice this season. Maybe Debbie. I think so. But wait!  Did I not speak to Rosemary as she drove in? Did she not stay?!

Some of us spent a lot of time trying to find a scene that was simple enough to paint in two hours and not going to move, all to no avail. One of the engines that was supposed to move did not, and Terry and I were kicking ourselves that we didn't do that one.

We sat and lunched under the shade of some nice trees in front of the Side Track Cafe. A perfect day for painting and for sharing talk over lunch.

Next week, we try again for some good weather for the Florence Griswold Museum. I hope the summer's personal activities do not keep you from that splendid paint out opportunity.

Essex Steam Railroad

Monday, July 14, 2014

Hyland House Reception and Exhibit

One more agenda --

Six of us (Veronica, Sandy, Rosemary, Hans, Betsey and I) with assorted family members, attended the Hyland House Opening reception on Saturday, in the back garden. After a hot day, it was cool and comfortable in the shady back yard.  Two hours flew by as we relaxed in good company, viewed our exhibit, and partook of the plentiful attractive appetizers and wine (or other beverages). In spite of another major function on the green, we had a good turnout, plenty of people looking at the paintings, and at least one sale.

Thanks to Sandy for chairing this exhibit again this year, and to Veronica, Sandy, and Patty for "hanging". And of course, thanks to the 15 (if I've counted correctly) artists who entered paintings to create a fine little show.  The exhibit will be in place now until August 3rd.


Call to Paint -- Thursday, 17 July 2014 -- 8 AM

Here I am again, thinking ahead this time. On Thursday, we will head to Essex for our second annual visit to the Essex Steam Railroad. They're still saying sunny with just 10% chance of rain for Thursday, so maybe we're finally into the summer highs.

This is the time to lay down the groundwork for your painting for the members only Essex Art Association Railroad exhibit in November/December -- always a fun event, and the exhibit is in place  for a long time, including the holiday shopping season, just in case you're interested in selling your steam train masterpiece.

Again I've posted our start time as 8 AM. I have not yet managed to be there that early, so you shouldn't feel bad if you think you might be somewhat later than that. Just come when you're ready. If the weather holds, we should plan to share a byo lunch under some of their big shade trees. Or if you don't remember to bring it, there is a little place where you can get a basic sandwich and something to drink.

Last year, we were able to keep our cars nearby, instead of leaving them in the parking lot, but please remember to not park on or near to the side tracks, as they do move trains in and out of these areas.

Directions may be found here on the blog -- upper right side under "Pages". Or by going to the ESR website.

I hope to see you there.


Stony Creek -- 10 July 2014

Greetings to All,

It's been a long time since Thursday, and I know there were people at Stony Creek whom I did not even see. But I did see Tom, Hans, Bob VanM, Tina, Betsey, Jay, Kay, Kaleigh, Terry, and Silvia. People said Judy was at the gazebo, but I did not manage to intersect with her. So with me, that makes twelve.

It was beautiful -- sunny but with a little cool breeze -- great under my umbrella. It's always a challenge to distill a few good shapes out of the busy Stony Creek waterfront or out of the scattered islands off the shore.

As always, Tom worked in oil, while the rest of us stuck with watercolor. Bob and Hans and Judy had to cut out before our wrap-up. Kay, Kaleigh, and Terry all "forgot" to bring their paintings to the gazebo, where we did our wrap-up and then ate our lunches, so we don't have their work to show...

Next up is Essex Steam Railroad, on Thursday -- now just a few days away.


Stony Creek -- 10 July 2014