Monday, October 20, 2014


Thursday's forecast is not looking good again. Unless things turn around significantly, we're looking at another rain-out. If things look brighter, I'll put up a last minute posting, but you will need to check the blog if you think you see weather that is fair enough on Thursday.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thursday Rain Out and Saturday Opening

Looks like this Thursday is going to be another rain-out. A bit more studio time... I'm not going to try to fight it. That's just what we have during these mid-seasons, and there's only so much you can do with wet and rainy.  

On Saturday, 18 October, from 7 to 9 PM, the Scenes from Riverside Park Exhibit opens at Union Station in New London. Last year's reception for this show was quite elegant. Musical entertainment this time will be by Golden Ratio, which looks like a string trio from New London. Twenty-six artists will be represented, including four from CTSA -- Elena, Jeannette, Keiko, and me. The show runs through November 15.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meig's Point -- October 2014

When I arrived today around 9:15, I considered myself late. But I found just two painters on the eastern beach at Meig's Point -- Joan McP and Judy. When I finished shooting my beach pics, Betsey had appeared at the edge of the trail, and while we were talking, Keiko turned up. Over the next half hour or so, we also had Jane, Gayle, and Bob. Julia finally found us just before 11. She had given up on us when she didn't see us out in plain sight and had been just enjoying a hike around. But she still had time to get a sketch down before we quit. So that's nine for a beautiful morning outing, punctuated by many, many visitors, from school children to elders.

Then there were the oddballs -- one man with a pony tail doing exercises on the beach -- another man in a satin dress leading a group of school children on a tour... (Most of us did not happen to see this one)...

All but four of us had to leave before or at Noon, so we did not get a group photo for the day. And Joan did not want to share either of her two paintings of the day.

On my way in, I went by the campground and picked up a map for that area. The campground closes to campers as of next week, so we can go in to paint. I just need to learn whether we will have to leave our cars in the parking area and walk in.

Let's watch the weather and decide later where to paint next week.

Meig's Point

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Call to Paint -- Thursday, 9 October 2014 -- 9 AM

I had hoped to paint in the campground at Hammonasset, where there is a nice view of a snaking inlet --  or at the little brook and pond on the west end (does that area have a name?). But given the forecast for three days of southwest winds, I think at least some of us might want to paint the heaving sea and surf at Meig's Point. Looks like a rising tide through the morning, with high around Noon. So probably not a good idea to try to paint from behind the rocks on Larry's Beach (by the Meig's Point parking lot), as it might be a bit spritzy by late morning. But who knows. We're still a couple of days out.

Let's meet in the Meig's Point parking lot. Looks like low 60's and sunny, but with a brisk breeze. Maybe we can put some cars together to create a wind-break for a byo lunch.

I'll hope to see you there.


Larry's Beach  2010

One More Sketch -- Branford Point

I love Jane's rainy-day sketch. No mistaking this for a studio painting!  This is real atmosphere...


Friday, October 3, 2014

Branford Point and Parker Memorial Park 2014

Well, my weather forecaster got it sort of wrong. But the rain didn't begin until about 10:15, and we had a few plucky souls out there. Jay B-t picked a park bench and went right to work in his sketchbook. Jane, who arrived fairly late, tucked in behind the rocky mound and got her color sketch well under way before the rain. And Hans went into the park to paint in his car in front of Annie R's cottage. Pam arrived early and did not stay, because she did not find any of us out yet, I still have not heard from Jay B-a. I spent so much time poking around and shooting photos that I ran out of time. Just as I got set up and started to get my sketch down, the rain came. Not much rain, but enough so that it was not going to be possible to erase my errant pencil marks, and enough to leave little rain blossoms all over the paper.

So, I think there would have been six of us, and it could have been a perfectly OK paint-out, except that the parking area near the pier was blocked off and a repair under way on the boards of the pier. If we could have positioned our cars in that area, we could have tailgated. And if Pam had not encountered the blocked parking, she probably would have stayed and waited to see if anyone else showed up.

Nevertheless, we have a couple of offerings from the day, so it wasn't a total washout.

Next week, we will shoot for Hammonasset. If it rains on Wednesday, maybe the MAS painters will join us on Thursday. If the rain moves to Thursday, perhaps at least some of the CTSA painters will paint on Wednesday.

Branford Point and Parker Memorial Park

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weather and Directions for Branford Point tomorrow

I see that the forecast has changed a lot since I last looked at 2 PM. If it’s not raining or threatening by tomorrow at 8 AM, and you still want to paint, please check in with me before you go. If it’s raining or if we don’t have a quorum of 3, we’ll cancel.
In case we do get to paint, some of you may prefer the following directions to  Parker Memorial Park and Branford Point.  Also I found a couple of small errors or omissions in the blog directions, which I now have corrected.

I know most of you know, in some fashion how to get to Branford Green and Montowese Street. If you are at Branford Green at the intersection of Main and Montowese, heading south toward the Branford River, go about 0.4 mi, to Meadow Street. (If you go under the railroad underpass, you’ve gone too far.)  Turn right (west) on Meadow Street, and go for about 0.6 mi to where it dead-ends (to your right is Kirkham, and to your left is Maple Street.) Turn left on Maple, and go over the railroad tracks. Continue south/southwest on Maple for about 0.5 mi. to a stop sign at Harbor Street. On your left, you will see a deli and a blue Victorian House. Turn left (south) on Harbor Street, and drive to the end (about 0.8 mi.) Ahead you will see the mouth of the Branford River. You will find a small parking area there. If if we need additional parking, you will find plenty of space just inside the adjacent Parker Memorial Park.

If you get lost, call my cell phone, and I'll come out and lead you in.