Sunday, October 15, 2017

Paint Out Thurs Oct 19, Olmsted Park

This week we'll be at Olmsted Outlook Park in Guilford. This is a small but pretty park with lovely river and marsh views. Directions on the blog at in the right-hand column as usual.
See you there.

Last week at Bauer Farm Park, Betsey, Jeanne, Veronica, Gloria, Candace, and Patty painted. It was a little chillier than it has been recently, but the sun shone and warmed things up as the morning went on. A group of walkers came through. The park staff were busy preparing the park for Saturday's Fall Festival, which limited our parking options slightly. But it was just beautiful, warm fall color and sounds. Here are some paintings, finished or not:

Monday, October 9, 2017

Call to Paint, Thurs Oct 12, Bauer Farm Park

Next painting date is Thursday, October 12 at Bauer Farm Park in Madison.
Directions as usual at the blog,, in the right-hand column.

This is a delightful place to paint. An interesting old farmhouse, barns, pond with waterlilies, bridge, gazebo, lane, community gardens, fields, trees (fall colors this week). The current forecast is for partly cloudy weather (but, FYI, there is a covered area with picnic tables; in the past we've painted here in the rain...). Photos below.

Last week at the Branford Green,  three of us painted (Ed, Betsey, and Veronica) and a couple more stopped by to chat.

See you on Thursday at Bauer Farm.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Jazz & Art by the Sea, Hyland House Museum Fundraiser

In the past few years, many of you participated in art shows held at the Hyland House Museum in Guilford, with a beautiful reception in the garden for artists and guests provided by members of the Hyland House board of directors.

The Museum is planning a fundraiser Jazz & Art by the Sea on October 29 to fund a new roof (remember the very large shed roof at the back of the house? It needs to be replaced). There will be a dinner and silent auction at the Owenego Inn in Branford featuring local and out-of-town artists. I know many of you have exhibited at the Hyland House and support their work.

If you would like to donate a painting, the organizers would be very happy and appreciative. You may contact me, veronicaDOTsoellATgmailDOTcom.

If you would like to come to the event, please visit for tickets.

Thank you so much!

PS, I just donated a little painting myself. It just happens to be of the Hyland House roof, the one that needs to be replaced. Won't you consider joining me?

Monday, October 2, 2017

Call to Paint, Thurs Oct 5, Branford

Note: (exchanged with last week) come to the Branford Green not Hammonassett!

Betsey and I both went to Meig's Point, Hammonassett last Thursday; it was a glorious day, but, we agreed, far too windy to paint. We could barely stand.

So this week, we'll be on the Branford Green. Directions as usual on the blog at, right-hand column, where you will also find the schedule for the remainder of the year.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Change of Location: Meigs Point, Hammonassett State Park!

Thursday, September 28, Change of Location!

Betsey noticed that the Branford library has its book sale this weekend and there will be tents and scarce parking on the Branford Green tomorrow. So we will change locations for painting tomorrow and meet at Meigs Point, Hammonassett State Park. Next week we will be at the Branford Green.
The weather forecast for tomorrow has improved, I'm happy to say.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Call to Paint, Thurs Sept 28, Branford Green

Directions on the blog, in the right-hand column, as usual.
Here's the only photo I could find in my files of the Branford Green (I painted the cafe a few years ago).

But you'll find streetscapes, trees, people, stores, churches, benches, etc. Plenty to paint. Weather might be iffy, I'm afraid.
Hope to see you there.

Last week on Thursday at the Dudley Farm, four of us painted on a warm, overcast and breezy day: Ed, Jay, Betsey and Veronica. We were entertained by a family of very small, noisy, and amusing children having a loud giggly conversation with the sheep. The farm was looking beautiful with a big bed of colorful zinnias and dahlias, as well as corn and squash.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Call to Paint, Thursday 21st, Dudley

Dudley Farm, Guilford, Thursday 21st September,

Directions as usual at, in the right-hand column. Fortunately, the weather should be very nice on Thursday after the possibility of a tropical storm in our area tomorrow, Tuesday. Barns, house (one of my favorite Guilford house museums), sheep, chickens in and around their coop, and oxen. There are also community gardens tucked into the woods with sunflowers just past their peak. See you there.

PS, I didn't get to Trolley Road last week, discouraged by that grey day, but Betsey reports that there were two painters (and several fishermen!).