Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sachem's Head with Hans -- 2014

A robust turnout of 12 painters joined Hans for a spectacular morning at his waterside home overlooking Sachem's Head Harbor -- Jay, Joan McP, Sally, Cheryl, Julia, Tina, Jane, Pam, Betsey, Bob, Joan H-y, and me - Joan H-r. It was hard to settle down and get to work -- the setting is so spectacular, and with that early light, it was even better. Of course, on top of being torn in many directions by the profusion of painting subjects, we all had so much to talk about, and we arrived at different times, so then we would stop to chat or to caution the new arrivals about not parking on the yellow no-parking lines ...

But finally we got down to business. Since I had to leave at 10:30, my time went by really, really fast. I left with the bones of a drawing, but no color. When I saw the wrap-up photos, I just had to at least fill in my drawing a bit and drop in my sky and sea before adding a photo of my work of the day.

Thanks to Hans for shooting the photos and for providing the most extraordinary place to nourish our creative inspiration!

Next week, Tina has arranged for us to paint at the Madison beach-side home of a friend of hers, and if we like, after we paint, to drive just around the corner to Tina's home and visit her studio. More to come on this after we see the nearer-term forecast for Thursday.

Sachem's Head Waterfront

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