Thursday, September 4, 2014

Clinton Town Beach -- 4 September 2014

Well, it was like Old Home Week today in Clinton! An even dozen artists spread out across the extensive real estate at Clinton Town Beach.  And, what surprises! -- Bob Van M, who has not been painting with us regularly this summer, pulled up to the curb with none other than Gayle, who has been very active professionally but had not painted out with us since his wife Jeanne died several years ago. Welcome back, Gayle. We're hoping you keep coming. Then I discovered Pam R, who has decided Maine will not be her new home -- so she is back permanently (whatever that means!) It's great to have you back, Pam. And finally, as we were starting our wrap-up, I got another surprise, although she had told me she would be joining us -- Jane B, with whom I (and Hans, Judy, and Cheryl) had done the David Dewey workshop last year. Jane lives in Clinton.

Sally, Bob, Gayle, Terry, Kay, Jay, and I set up under the trees on the near side of the bridge. Hans (two paintings in his little sketchbook) and Pam worked in a patch of Fragmites shade by the kayak racks. Tom painted in full sun on the far side of the bridge before the parking lots, Jane worked a sketch and then a painting on the other end of the beach, and Veronica, who came late, started her painting on the west side of the inlet, next to the parking lots. I seem to have missed Bob's painting, which I guess he did not bring for the wrap-up.

Those of us who painted in the little park under the trees enjoyed a perfect little sea breeze that came up mid-morning, just in time to encourage Sally to stay through the wrap-up. I finally persuaded Tom to use my umbrella, which was just sitting in my car, as I did not need it.

We missed regulars - Betsey, who was at a Tom Nuttle workshop at Landgrove this week, and Judy, who was traveling. Kay reports that Kaleigh has begun to settle in to her new Vista residence. It takes time, Kaleigh. Hang in there. You can do this!

I'll post an addendum, as I'm not finished, but I think I should quit for now...

Clinton Town Beach

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