Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chaffinch Island -- September 2014

I had a feeling we were going to be a small group today. The sky looked iffy, there was a brisk breeze, and my several queries earlier in the week did not evoke a lot of enthusiasm. So I was pleased to have the company of five souls -- Patty (who I did not discover until wrap-up time, Betsey, back from her workshop with Ted Nuttall (how bad could I get his name last time!?)(when you're not sure, check it!), Bob, Tom, and Julie (or Julia?), out with us for the first time (I met her at the Greenway paint-out last Saturday.)

It was a beautiful morning, in spite of the threatening sky. The breeze (wind) kept the bugs away, and it was cool enough for long sleeves for those who painted directly in the wind. Since I had not thought to check the tides, and since someone had suggested we might want to leave before the high tide, we decided to close down at 11.

Instead of painting on the back side of  a painting that I started at Chaffinch Island last year, I decided to see if I could rescue it. Julie(a) worked a color sketch in her sketchbook before starting her painting. As usual, Tom was the lone oil painter.

Alas, the time flew by. I shot three frames of the group, starting the first one without announcing it. I loved Bob's strut when he realized what was happening, and since everyone was relaxed, that was the keeper.

We did not see Hans today, but he has invited us to paint at his home in Sachem's Head next Thursday. We will not be painting at Birbarie Marine, which was on the original schedule. I'll send directions by direct email to everyone on our regular painters list.

If you signed up for the Riverside paint-out on Saturday, maybe we could get together for lunch around noon. If you don't have my cell #, let me know.

Chaffinch Island

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