Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Meig's Point

Since Joan couldn't make it this morning (she has a bad cold), she asked me to do a short summary and take some photos.  

There was quite a large turnout this morning with the MAS paint out crowd.   Jeannette, Elena, Jay, Tom, Betsy, and I were the only regulars for the CTSA Thursday group.  Did I miss anyone?  

It was a lovely day, though chilly in the shade.  When the sun intermittently poked through the high cirrus/stratus cloud cover, it was quite warm.  

There was almost a festive air at Meig’s Point today—though maybe it is like that every day.  There were senior bike riders, other senior folk out for their daily constitutionals, non-English speaking seniors out for maybe their first time in the park, three busloads of school children with their science teacher explaining how those massive rocks at Meig’s Pt got there, dog walkers, and others simply enjoying a beautiful fall day at the beach.  

Sally B. 

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