Monday, June 2, 2014

Call to Paint -- Thursday, 5 June 2014

Greetings to All,

Our destination this week is Hyland House, but we'll have to watch the forecast and likely also the sky on Thursday morning. We might get lucky. If it's still raining, we will go to the Guilford Railroad Station instead. The station platform makes a fairly interesting place to paint, and there are some signature structures there that likely go back far enough to make them suitable material for our exhibit.

Some of you have been having issues with the blog email feed. I searched online to see if there were issues with this that they had addressed before. The only thing I could find is a possible problem when text is pasted in from Word. I had pasted in directions, so maybe that is what flipped it out for some of you. So I'm going to post the directions separately. If you need directions and do not receive them in your email, first try looking in your spam box. If it's not there, check the blog directly.

I'll post again if we change the venue to the railroad station, and I'll send an email to all of you on my regular painters roster. But if you have not painted with us regularly, please check the blog before you go out.

I hope to see you somewhere on Thursday.


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