Friday, June 13, 2014

2014 Calendar of Events

Greetings to All,

Nothing is ever very firm in this business, but for your planning purposes, here are my thoughts on CTSA scheduling for the core season from June through September. I've tried to balance between Guilford, East of Guilford, and West of Guilford, alternating so that people on one end or the other don't end up doing the long drive week after week. All the paint-outs are on Thursday mornings, except for the September 13th festival and the possible Wednesday rain date for next week at Flo Gris. You will see that we have a couple of unscheduled dates, which we can use for either make-ups for rain-outs or new suggestions from you.

Over the summer months, if you want to start before 9 to beat the heat and take advantage of the better light, you are likely to find me there any time after 8, although if you care about having company, you could check with me before you go.And don't worry, I'll still be posting the call to paint each week.In nice weather, let's plan to lunch together (byo) after we do our recap.

I'll have a plan for after September also, but let's go with this for now. And again, if you have a suggestion for a place where you would like to paint, or if you would like to have the group paint at your home, please let me know, along with a date or two that would be good for you, and I'll work on it. Thanks to Elena and Anne, who are already on the schedule, and to Tina, who is working on an idea for us.


June 19 (or 18 for rain date)                    Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme
June 26  (I will be away)                          Guilford Green
July 3                                                      Thomas Griswold House, Guilford
July 4-6                                                   Last chance to frame up your work for Hyland House
July 7, 10-Noon                                      Receiving for Hyland House Exhibit, Guilford
July 10  (invitation by Elena)                    Edgerton Park, New Haven
July 12 (6-8 PM)                                    Hyland House Opening Reception, Guilford
July 17                                                    Essex Steam Railroad
July 24                                                    Clinton Town Hall
July 31  (invitation from Anne C.)             Anne's home in Branford
August 4, 10-Noon                                 Hyland House take-down
August 7                                                 Brewer's Marina, Branford
August 14                                               Mercy Center, Madison
August 21                                               Open to suggestions
August 28                                               Lenny's Restaurant or Indian Neck Garage, Branford
September 4                                           Clinton Town Beach
September 11 (I may not be there)          Chaffinch Island, Guilford (if you don't want to do Riverside)
September 13 (Saturday) *                      Down by the Riverside Festival, New London
September 18                                          Birbarie Marine, Branford
September 25                                         Open to suggestions


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