Friday, May 30, 2014

Guilford Docks -- 29 May 2014

Greetings to All,

There may be just 9 of us in the group photo at lunchtime, but I'm not even sure I saw everyone who came out yesterday. Let's see -- Sandy, Veronica, Kay, Joan McP, Tina, Rosemary (I think first time out this year), Bob VanM (first time out since I don't even know when last year, and all mended from his "valve job"), Hans, Judy, Terry B, Betsey, and Keiko...So that's at least 12.  If I missed you, please remind me! Oh, and Penney came by at one point, but I don't think she stayed to paint. I have such a hard time keeping track when our numbers are greater and we paint in a place that is sort of spread out.

Hans was the only one to choose Motif #1, viewing it as a classic vision of Guilford for our Hyland House exhibit. Historically, I don't know how far back the Grass Island cottage goes, but Hans surely nailed it, and we were all hoping that he frames it up for our show! Most of us were enamored with the work boats and wanting to come back to this site again.

It was a beautiful morning, especially if you were not working in the large parking lot, which was a bit exposed and cool when the breeze shifted to the East. That was when we lost Keiko. Judy also both arrived late and had to leave early, so she did not want to share the very brief start on her painting. We were all thinking of and worrying about Patty, who had been in the middle of a medical emergency with Kip the night before, apparently consequent to a bout of pneumonia from over the winter. Patty, give Kip a group hug from us and all our best wishes for a quick recovery. Then let's hope you catch up on your rest in time for our next outing.

I'll have the season's schedule for you soon, but just to give you a sense of what's coming in June and early July... I've focused on scheduling Guilford venues for the month of June --. June 5th - Hyland House;  12th - Whitfield Museum;  19th - Flo-Gris (the one non-Guilford exception);  26th - Guilford Green, and July 3rd - Griswold House. Receiving for the Hyland House show is July 7th, and the show opening reception is on the 12th. You might want to print this list and post it so you will know what's up next and how long you have to finish and frame for the show.


Guilford Docks

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