Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rosemary's Garden -- 2014

Eleven happy painters convened around Rosemary's pool -- Veronica, back from her trip and recovered from the flu, Judy, Kay, Kaleigh, Hans, Rosermary, Sally, now driving herself and out again in August, Terry, Cheryl, Patty, and me. Hans and Judy worked in their sketchbooks. Patty explored with her watercolor pencils (I think that's what they were -- I didn't look closely). 

Rosemary's garden has so many spots that want to be painted, it was even harder than usual to pick one. Sally and Cheryl found the coolest spot in the step-down patio (I neglected to get a photo there). Kay and Kaleigh picked the sunny pool-side. It was a delightful morning, and Judy's sketch says it all!

Judy had a meeting and had to leave early. The rest of us chatted while we ate lunch beside the pool. Rosemary had a big jug of delicious iced tea for us. But, alas, then it was time to go. Veronica sent her charming Impressionist double portrait away with Kaleigh. We all were so sad to have Kaleigh go, this being her final paint-out with us for the year, but also happy for her, as her long-anticipated move to Vista will happen this coming Wednesday. We all wish her Godspeed  --  the wonders of a broadening horizon, the evolving comforts of new friends, and her own space. We will be thinking of you, Kaleigh.

Next week, we go to a new venue -- Lenny's Indian Neck Restaurant on S. Montowese Street in Branford. I think you'll like it.


Rosemary's Garden


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