Friday, August 22, 2014

Down by the Riverside Festival and Exhibit

Our deadline to sign up to pant out at the Riverside Festival in New London is just nine days away --August 31. The festival organizers need to know how many artists will be painting, as they need to plan for food and water for us, and of course, they also need to get a sense of how many paintings might be submitted for the subsequent exhibit at Union Station.

Here are the dates -- Festival at Riverside Park -- Saturday, September 13, from 11AM to 4 PM.
                                 You can begin painting earlier than 11 AM, if you like.
                                 Exhibit at Union Station Gallery -- Opening Reception:  Saturday, October 18
                                 from 7 to 9 PM

I plan to make a trip to New London before that time to get a feel for where I might like to paint. I'll shoot some photos and likely will come home and prepare a couple of sketches, as I did last year, so that I can focus on painting when I'm there at the festival. Since the exhibit is a month later, there's also plenty of time to finish up or do additional paintings back in the studio. This is a fund-raising event for the Riverside Park Conservancy, so people come prepared to purchase paintings, and artists are encouraged to donate a share of their sales to the Conservancy. But there is no prescribed "commission".

If you plan to or think you might like to participate in this event, please let me know soon. If you painted last year and have notified the Conservancy directly, could you still please let me know that you are planning to be there?



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