Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mercy Center - August 2015

Thursday was another gift -- a perfect morning with sun and a cool breeze for 10 artists -- Tina, Hans, Kay, Kaleigh, Terry, Rosemary, Patty, Betsey, my friend Bonnie, visiting from Iowa and out with us for the first time, and me. Bonnie worked in the sun on the beach, working in oil and fast. She was ready to leave when most of us were in the middle. But it was fun to include her in my view, and I was happy that I got her in before she packed up. Tina also worked from the beach. Everyone else chose a patch of shade, or in my case, an umbrella, which, along with the breeze, made the morning blissfully comfortable.

As we were wrapping up, Lucia (Peggy A's daughter) showed up to visit and give us an update on Peggy, who is at Whitney Manor, recovering from a hip repair. It felt almost like old times, having Lucia there for our wrap-up and Peggy at least in mind. Most of us had brought lunch, so we sat and chatted for a while. After the wrap-up, instead of having lunch, Tina went back to the beach to finish her painting.

Next week, since we had nothing on our schedule, Rosemary invited us to come to her home, which is always fun.

Mercy Center


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