Saturday, August 9, 2014

Brewer - Bruce & Johnson Marina -- 7 August 2014

Greetings to All,

What a beautiful morning for eight painters -- Sally, Betsey, Hans, Bob, Patty, Judy, Jay, and me. The marina is a big place, and we spread out in loose clusters -- Sally, Jay, Betsey, and Bob on the east end, and Hans, Judy, Patty, and me on the west end. This was Sally's first outing with us since she broke her (non-painting) wrist, although she did paint with Jay's MAS group last week also. Typically, she would be skipping these deep summer paint-outs because of the heat, but with weather like this and a goose-bump breeze in the gazebo area, she made history. She worked in her new water-based oils.

On the other end of the yard, Hans worked in his sketchbook at the waterfront, looking for his new looser, more suggestive than descriptive style, and then joined Judy and me by the sailboats "on the hard" for another sketch of a little skiff. Patty found just the right power boat, not far from us, no doubt thinking of her boat-lover Kip while she painted.

So many stories behind these boats that languish in the yard in mid-summer...

When I stopped painting at Noon, everyone already was at the gazebo eating. I had not brought lunch, as I had asked my husband Bob to join us at Dockside for lunch on their outside deck.  So I shot the photos of our paintings while everyone was eating lunch and then sat to chat while I waited for Bob to arrive. Judy also had not brought lunch and had ordered a take-out lobster roll from Dockside and brought it over to the gazebo to eat with the byo-ers. Hans ate his sandwich at the gazebo and then joined Bob and me on the Dockside Deck for a lobster roll and a Long Trail!

Since everyone was enjoying just sitting and talking, I decided against interrupting to stage a group shot of paintings or people.

Next week -- Mercy Center in Madison..

Brewer B&J

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