Thursday, June 26, 2014

Patty asked me to post this report from this morning - I stayed home to work on an unfinished Guilford painting for the upcoming Hyland House Art Show, so I'll still have time to get a couple of things framed. Please remember to bring your Guilford painting(s) to the Hyland House on Monday July 7 between 10 and 12 am.-Veronica

"Day started off w/ a few sprinkles but that did not stop Betsey, Joan McP or Patty.  Kaleigh, Kay & Terry joined us as the sun came out.  Rosemary and Anne took advantage of the day a little later.  Sandy dropped by to chat and we are all hoping she will paint w/ us next week at the Thomas Griswold House on Boston St.  A nice day was had by all."

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