Friday, June 6, 2014

Guilford Railroad Station AND Docks

Greetings to All,

See what happens when things get loose?!  You leave just that little opening for everyone to start thinking about where they might like to paint, and everyone is off in different directions! ...  OK, I guess that's not all bad. What you get is artists inspired enough to go out and paint, wherever and whatever they want, regardless of whether anyone else is there to keep them company. Inspiration is good. It surely looks like the artwork did not suffer!

Anyway, I never made it back to paint. I returned from Massachusetts just in time to catch the artists in the final stages -- Hans still working at the station, and Jay, Bev, and Betsey just wrapping things up at the docks and preparing to check out the lunch fare at Guilford Mooring, I think it was. Judy had to leave earlier. What a beautiful day to paint! Soooo much better than trying to make do with another rainy day. I'm sorry if the change of day left some of you out of the mix.

By the way, you may have been wondering why we're missing Sally on these not-too-hot spring days... Two weeks ago, she took a spill while riding her bike and broke both bones in her left arm near the wrist. Ouch! Her arm is in a cast and she is advised to keep the arm elevated -- can't drive -- can't even paint at home or do anything that requires more than one hand (think about that...) And that good hand and arm are getting way too much use! I know you will join me in wishing her a speedy recovery and perhaps in thinking about ways we might keep her in the loop and supported during what I believe is to be at least a 12-week recuperation period. And that's only if they decide, after a couple of weeks, that the bones are healing properly and that she will not require surgery. ...   Sally, I know you will be with us in spirit, and we'll be missing you.

Next week -- Whitfield Museum -- in full dress for Guilford's 375th Anniversary celebrations. Our paintings will be historic! I'll post directions later.


Guilford Train Station -- and Guilford Docks -- Again

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