Friday, June 13, 2014

Henry Whitfield Museum -- 12 June 2014

Greetings to All,

On a breezy morning with rain threatening, I arrived around 8:45. Soon Kay and Terry showed up, and Betsey, Patty (after several weeks' absence and adventure, Judy, and Tina. So we had at least seven. Three more would drift in through the morning -- Silvia, Veronica, and Hans -- for a total of 10 for the day. It was difficult to think about how to set up so that we could reflect the milestone anniversary by including the exuberant decorations without having the decorations take over the painting as they have taken over the house.

Betsey and I set up in the open on the front lawn, where the house would be in our faces but from a distance, and Patty set up in the parking lot, where she could focus on just house and no decorations. Being out in the open made us vulnerable if the rain should come earlier than expected. The rest of the group chose either the left side tree canopy or the right side. Silvia joined Betsey and me on the lawn. Veronica joined the group under the right side tree.

Just before 11, as Betsey and I were bemoaning our failures of the morning, the sky began to spritz on our still damp paintings. But we had done as much as we could/should do anyway, We packed up, along with Silvia, who had joined us in the open, and Patty. They decided they had had enough. I went back to wrap up with the painters who were under the trees. When I left, the rain had stopped. Veronica was shooting reference photos, and Hans was sitting in the open to paint. He is so good at sending me images of his finished paintings.He now has three nice frame-able paintings for our Hyland House exhibit!

Next week, Flo Gris. We have permission for Thursday, but our rain date is Wednesday. So if the forecast is bad for Thursday, and Wednesday looks better, we will go on Wednesday.


Henry Whitfield Museum

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