Monday, September 18, 2017

Call to Paint, Thursday 21st, Dudley

Dudley Farm, Guilford, Thursday 21st September,

Directions as usual at, in the right-hand column. Fortunately, the weather should be very nice on Thursday after the possibility of a tropical storm in our area tomorrow, Tuesday. Barns, house (one of my favorite Guilford house museums), sheep, chickens in and around their coop, and oxen. There are also community gardens tucked into the woods with sunflowers just past their peak. See you there.

PS, I didn't get to Trolley Road last week, discouraged by that grey day, but Betsey reports that there were two painters (and several fishermen!).

Monday, September 11, 2017

Call to Paint Thurs Sept 14, Trolley Road; and Important Information

Hi, everyone,

First, an invitation: A group of painters from CTSA has been painting indoors from fall to spring each year, using rented space, usually on Tuesday mornings. There are a few spaces available this fall and we welcome new people. It is simply a time (9 am to 12.30 pm) and a place (Dudley Farm's Munger Barn) to gather and pursue our own painting projects, any medium. We are starting the ten-week session this Tuesday, September 12, but you can start next week or later if you wish. The room rental cost for the full session will be divided depending on the number signing up, but will be not more than $70 per person for the full session. If you'd like to join us, please email Rosemary Baggish as soon as possible at rosemaryDOTbaggishAThhchealthDOTorg (you know what to do with this to turn it back into a normal email address, so that internet crawlers can't detect it).

Second, a request: The Hyland House Museum is planning a fundraiser Jazz & Art by the Sea on October 29 to fund a new roof. There will be a silent auction featuring local and out-of-town artists. I know many of you have exhibited at the Hyland House and support their work. If you would like to donate a painting, the organizers would be very happy and appreciative. You may contact me, veronicaDOTsoellATgmailDOTcom.

Call to paint: Thursday September 14, at Trolley Road in Guilford. Directions on our blog site at in the right hand column. The schedule for the rest of the season until the end of November is in the same column.

Last week at the Clinton Town Beach, we had a glorious morning, a little windy at first but settling down later. Ed, Joan McP, Betsey, Jay, Veronica, and Gloria painted the sea or the river - this beautiful location offers many options.

 See you at Trolley Road this week.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Call to Paint at Clinton Town Beach, Thurs Sept 7

Directions as usual at Weather for Thursday looks good.

Last week at the Florence Griswold Museum was a delightful experience. The sun shone, a little breeze ruffled the leaves, and the sky clouded over only as we were leaving after having lunch together on the lawn under a tree. Pam, Robin, Tom, Linda, Marlu, Veronica, Nancy, and Gloria enjoyed the day. Here are some paintings, finished or not.

See you on Thursday at the beach.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Paint Out Thurs Aug 31, FloGris in Old Lyme

Call to Paint, Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Thursday August 31, 9 am to whenever, bring your lunch if you like.

Weather should be pretty good. This is a wonderful place to paint, with interesting buildings old and modern, big and small, and beautiful lawns, gardens, and the Lieutenant River, subject of many American Impressionist painters. We are privileged to have permission to paint here.

If you haven't visited the museum yet,, it is well worth your time (and admission price for the house and gallery only). There is a delightful museum shop, and a cafe.

Last week at the Henry Whitfield State Museum, we were a small group and nobody actually painted the museum building itself this time around, but the weather was beautiful and we had a very enjoyable morning. Betsey, Nancy, Veronica, and MarLu were there.

See you on Thursday at the Florence Griswold Museum; directions on the blog site as usual at, right-hand column. The schedule for the remaining paint-out season is also posted there now.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Paint Out at Brewer Bruce & Johnson Marina

Thursday, August 10, at Brewer Bruce & Johnson Marina, Branford

Directions as usual at Also there is the list of locations for the rest of August. I will be on vacation for a couple of weeks and so will not be sending out the usual weekly heads-up announcement.

Last Thursday, painting at Stony Creek were Elena, Betsey, Patty, Tom and Veronica. It was a beautiful morning and the beach area was perfectly lovely with its complement of young families enjoying the sand, water, and tranquility.

I'll be back painting with you soon.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Paint Out Thurs Aug 3 Stony Creek

This week at Stony Creek. Directions as usual at

Last week, four of us painted at the Medad Stone Tavern Museum in Guilford. The day was a bit grey with intermittent sunshine, but very pleasant. Elena, Adele, John, and Veronica enjoyed the morning. John focused on the horse pasture, Adele on the barns, and Elena and Veronica on the house, which is a complex and interesting challenge.
See you on Thursday at Stony Creek.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Paint Out on Thurs July 27 at Medad Stone Tavern

We will be at the Medad Stone Tavern in Guilford, Thursday morning. This is the tavern that never was - in the early nineteenth century, a developer expected the Post Road to be rerouted and built this tavern on the anticipated road. Turned out to be a big mistake, and the tavern was used as a private residence for a couple of hundred years until donated to the Guilford Keeping Society. Read more about it here:

Last Thursday at the Guilford Landing, seven painters turned up - Tom, Adele, Veronica, Robin, Jeanne, Isabel and Betsey (Adele and Robin for their first time - welcome). Jay came by later on after giving a class at the Clinton Art Gallery. It was hot, but there was enough shade for comfort.

See you at the Tavern on Thursday.