Monday, June 18, 2018

Call to Paint Thurs June 21, Chatfield Hollow

Chatfield Hollow State Park, Killingworth, Thurs June 21

Directions as usual at We haven't painted there for a while but it is a lovely spot. There is no entry fee during the week. Here are a couple of photos:

Last week three of us (Betsey, John, Veronica) painted at the Thomas Griswold House on a beautiful morning.
See you at Chatfield Hollow.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Paint Out on Thurs June 7 at Bauer Farm

This Thursday, June 7, at Bauer Park Farm in Madison, directions as usual on our blog at A lake, a bridge, meadows, a much-painted farmhouse, allotments, we'll find plenty of subjects.

Weather should be mild, partly cloudy. I just got back from Ireland and England where, to my surprise, it was much warmer than here. Especially in Ireland where the sun shone for all four days I was there, much to everyone's amazement and delight.
See you at Bauer Farm Park.


Thursday, May 24, 2018

Next two weeks locations; photos from today

Hi, everyone,

I'll be away for a few days so will remind you now of the upcoming paint out locations and dates. Location list (note that a few changes from the earliest list I posted this year are in red) and directions are on the blog at as usual.

Next week, Thursday May 31, Trolley Road, Guilford.
The following week, Thursday June 7, Bauer Farm Park.

Today's paint out at the Madison Surf Club was glorious. The weather couldn't have been better and this location is full of interesting subjects (but is only open to non-residents out of season unless you want to pay $25 per day!). I didn't count the number of painters, but including our CTSA painters and Jay Babina's Madison group, there were certainly a dozen or more (several painters paint with both groups). Below are some photos of the painters, their work, or their set-ups. The last photo shows a painter who painted another painter...

See you when I return.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Paint Out at Madison Surf Club, Thurs May 24

Hello, everyone,

Let's hope for better weather when we paint at the Madison Surf Club on Thursday. Directions as usual at our blog, Jay Babina's Madison Art Society group will be painting with us. He has some words of wisdom for us all:

Plein air is about doing not achieving. You don't achieve Yoga, you do yoga and you play Golf and Tennis and don't achieve Golf or Tennis.  Painting outside has to do with the outside and not just about creating a trophy painting. It also has to do with companionship of like-minded people. I think even abstract painters can get inspiration from the outside and go beyond the literal. 

See you then.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Paint Out at Neck Road Boat Launch Thursday May 17

Hi, everyone,
This afternoon is a gorgeous one. But it isn't going to last... However, in a week of showers, Thursday does look the most promising with a forecast for part clouds part sun.

Last week at West Wharf beach, five intrepid painters came to paint in fog and drizzle. Unsurprisingly, none were watercolorists! But they get high praise for determination.

We will be painting at the Neck Road Boat Launch in Madison (directions on the blog as usual at This is a lovely spot, looking out over the marshes and river in one direction, including anchored boats and the Grass Island Shack in Guilford, and towards the houses on the point silhouetted against the skyline in the other. Watch out for high tide, though. High tide at 1.26pm may affect the parking lot so if you set up to paint right by the river, you might have wet feet if you stay too long (see our friend Larry below!).

Hope to see you there.

PS, there have been a few changes to the schedule of locations. Please do check the updated list now; the changes are in red type. It is unlikely there will be any more this year.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Paint Out at West Wharf Beach in Madison, Thurs May 10

Weather should be good. Directions on our blog at in the right-hand column as usual (somehow those directions also include the Surf Club; we are not going there this week, just to the West Wharf beach).

Last week we had seven painters (Betsey, Tom, Jean and her friend, Jane, Pam, Veronica) on a beautiful morning behind the Clinton Town Hall. The river was lovely although the marsh grasses hadn't yet come up (didn't bother the painters - we have special powers). The trees had that wonderful spring haze of yellow, green, and pink. I had some photos but I'm sorry, my camera seems to have lost them.

Please note, there are two changes (in red) on the list of locations for this year (on our blog at in the right-hand column as usual). Our original date for Mercy Center didn't work for them. I'm awaiting confirmation for the Florence Griswold Museum date at the end of August.

See you on Thursday at the beach!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Paint-Out at Clinton Landing Thurs May 3, 2018

Clinton Landing (behind the Town Hall) is a fine painting spot. Marshes, river, gazebo, buildings. The weather will be the opposite of last Thursday, actually almost HOT (79 degrees), so bring your summer outfit (if you can find it!). Directions as usual in the right-hand column of the blog at
See you there.
PS, I'm not a morning person so I never get there at 9 am. If I'm there by 10, that's good...