Monday, July 24, 2017

Paint Out on Thurs July 27 at Medad Stone Tavern

We will be at the Medad Stone Tavern in Guilford, Thursday morning. This is the tavern that never was - in the early nineteenth century, a developer expected the Post Road to be rerouted and built this tavern on the anticipated road. Turned out to be a big mistake, and the tavern was used as a private residence for a couple of hundred years until donated to the Guilford Keeping Society. Read more about it here:

Last Thursday at the Guilford Landing, seven painters turned up - Tom, Adele, Veronica, Robin, Jeanne, Isabel and Betsey (Adele and Robin for their first time - welcome). Jay came by later on after giving a class at the Clinton Art Gallery. It was hot, but there was enough shade for comfort.

See you at the Tavern on Thursday.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Paint Out at Clinton Landing Thurs July 20

Hello, painters,
We'll be at Clinton Landing on Thursday morning. This is the area in back of the Clinton Town Hall, where the river winds gently past a park area with a gazebo. A beautiful spot to paint. Directions as usual at, right-hand column.
Here's a glimpse. See you there.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Scorching Day at Guilford Marina!

July 13, 2017
Five intrepid painters came out this morning, Diana, John, Gloria (first time out with us - welcome!), Patty, and Veronica. There is no shade at the marina, and it was brutally hot but the threatened thunderstorms didn't materialize. However, despite the heat, everyone managed to paint and be happy. And this location is truly beautiful. The paintings below were from halfway through the morning so not finished, but you get the idea. Next week at Clinton Landing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Paint Out at Guilford Marina, Thurs July 13

This week we will be at the Guilford Town Docks (Marina) on Thursday morning. Directions as usual at
Last week at Chaffinch Island, six painters came (Diana, Marlu, Tom, John, Isabel, and Betsey). It started to rain at 11.30, cutting the morning's painting short. Let's hope for better weather this week (and better than the photos below, taken last year).

Monday, July 3, 2017

Paint Out Thurs July 6 at Chaffield Island

Paint on Thursday July 6 at Chaffinch Island Park in Guilford

As usual, directions on the blog in the right-hand column.

Last week, Betsey tells me that six people arrived to paint at Hyland House on Thursday under cloudy skies & warm temperatures:  Marlu, John, Diana, Linda, Patty & Betsey.   John & Diana left to paint elsewhere & Marlu & Linda set up to paint across from the April Rose house.  Patty & Betsey painted views from the backyard of Hyland House.  Sun came out before they left.
Thanks, Betsey!

To refresh your memory (and whet your appetite), here are two photos from last year at Chaffinch:

Monday, June 26, 2017

Paint Out Thurs June 29, Hyland House

Paint at the Hyland House Museum, Guilford, on Thursday June 29

Parking on the street. If people paint from the sidewalk across the road, please be considerate and don't block their view. Otherwise, paint anywhere on the property. Enjoy! Directions as usual at, right-hand column.

Last week at Mercy Center, Betsey and Patty tell me that eleven painters enjoyed a quiet beautiful clear and sunny day with a light breeze: John, Tom, Bev, Elena, Cheryl, Nancy, Patty, Sally, Linda, Jane & Betsey. They sent me these photos - thanks Betsey and Patty!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Paint-Out Thurs June 22

Call to Paint, Thursday June 22 at Mercy Center, Madison

As usual, directions at our blog at
Please note: the sisters at Mercy Center ask that you go to the front desk and sign in when you arrive. I believe this is a new policy. Please make sure you take a minute to do this.

Last Thursday, ten of us painted at the Thomas Griswold House on a beautiful morning: Marlu, Jane (with dog Tessa, see photo!), Sally, Keiko, Betsey, Nancy, Patty, John, Veronica, and Linda.

Happy painting!