Monday, June 30, 2014

Call to Paint -- Thursday, 3 July 2014 -- 8 AM

Greetings to All,

I was glad to see that you had a good sized group of painters out on the Green last week. It looks like the forecast is about the same for this week, with some showers pretty likely for Thursday. Let's hope the showers wait until afternoon. Too early to have a sense of that now. I've posted our start time as 8 AM, just in case anyone wants to get an early start. Of course, we'll have to look outside on Thursday and see whether that makes sense.

The Thomas Griswold House will be our final Guilford venue before the Hyland House exhibit. The Griswold House property is very appealing visually, with its old trees, gardens, stone walls, and classic central stone chimney, so I hope we have a good morning to paint.

Please park along the stone wall by the road. And check the blog before you go, if the weather looks iffy or impossible.


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