Monday, July 20, 2015

A Little Vacation

Greetings to All,

Sally has offered to be our convener for the next couple of months, while I take some time off from painting out.

Bob and I have a lot going on, and I just need more time for things that have not much to do with art. So although I might come out and paint if I feel the need or if I feel that I have my other affairs relatively in order, I will be taking some time off from this role from which I've not had a break since 2010.

Since this is hot weather season, Sally may not actually go out to paint either. But she will set up each session, post the call to paint, watch the weather, and post a recap if she can get that info from someone who is there.  That would include posting pics if anyone with a camera wants to do photo duty and send her the images.

I'll not be out of circulation entirely.  Just a little step back. And I'll expect to be back with you for some good off-season painting in the fall.

Have a great summer, and stay cool.


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