Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mysterious Messages

Greetings to All,

Yes, it is that time of year, when we're all wondering when we will commence our 2015 season of painting out in the great outdoors. But we're not quite there yet, and I need to apologize for confusing you. Two days ago, I was working with a friend over the telephone, trying to demonstrate how to do something on a blog. I posted a simple "testing", thinking I would take it down immediately, and no one would know the difference. But I had not paid attention to the time of day, and the blog feed got picked up before I could take the message down.

Today, Wednesday, in my blog feed, I received an old message from 2014. I'm not sure what provoked that pick-up, since I had not even viewed that message and was not working on the blog at the time of today's sending. You could just delete those two messages, and we will hope that that will be the end of it. If it should persist, I will investigate further to see if I have inadvertently done something to reset the blog's clock.

Again, my apologies.

For 2015, our outings will continue with Thursday mornings. As soon as we get a Thursday that looks promising, we'll get out there. I hope to see you soon


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