Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weather and Directions for Branford Point tomorrow

I see that the forecast has changed a lot since I last looked at 2 PM. If it’s not raining or threatening by tomorrow at 8 AM, and you still want to paint, please check in with me before you go. If it’s raining or if we don’t have a quorum of 3, we’ll cancel.
In case we do get to paint, some of you may prefer the following directions to  Parker Memorial Park and Branford Point.  Also I found a couple of small errors or omissions in the blog directions, which I now have corrected.

I know most of you know, in some fashion how to get to Branford Green and Montowese Street. If you are at Branford Green at the intersection of Main and Montowese, heading south toward the Branford River, go about 0.4 mi, to Meadow Street. (If you go under the railroad underpass, you’ve gone too far.)  Turn right (west) on Meadow Street, and go for about 0.6 mi to where it dead-ends (to your right is Kirkham, and to your left is Maple Street.) Turn left on Maple, and go over the railroad tracks. Continue south/southwest on Maple for about 0.5 mi. to a stop sign at Harbor Street. On your left, you will see a deli and a blue Victorian House. Turn left (south) on Harbor Street, and drive to the end (about 0.8 mi.) Ahead you will see the mouth of the Branford River. You will find a small parking area there. If if we need additional parking, you will find plenty of space just inside the adjacent Parker Memorial Park.

If you get lost, call my cell phone, and I'll come out and lead you in.


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