Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meig's Point -- October 2014

When I arrived today around 9:15, I considered myself late. But I found just two painters on the eastern beach at Meig's Point -- Joan McP and Judy. When I finished shooting my beach pics, Betsey had appeared at the edge of the trail, and while we were talking, Keiko turned up. Over the next half hour or so, we also had Jane, Gayle, and Bob. Julia finally found us just before 11. She had given up on us when she didn't see us out in plain sight and had been just enjoying a hike around. But she still had time to get a sketch down before we quit. So that's nine for a beautiful morning outing, punctuated by many, many visitors, from school children to elders.

Then there were the oddballs -- one man with a pony tail doing exercises on the beach -- another man in a satin dress leading a group of school children on a tour... (Most of us did not happen to see this one)...

All but four of us had to leave before or at Noon, so we did not get a group photo for the day. And Joan did not want to share either of her two paintings of the day.

On my way in, I went by the campground and picked up a map for that area. The campground closes to campers as of next week, so we can go in to paint. I just need to learn whether we will have to leave our cars in the parking area and walk in.

Let's watch the weather and decide later where to paint next week.

Meig's Point

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