Monday, July 14, 2014

Hyland House Reception and Exhibit

One more agenda --

Six of us (Veronica, Sandy, Rosemary, Hans, Betsey and I) with assorted family members, attended the Hyland House Opening reception on Saturday, in the back garden. After a hot day, it was cool and comfortable in the shady back yard.  Two hours flew by as we relaxed in good company, viewed our exhibit, and partook of the plentiful attractive appetizers and wine (or other beverages). In spite of another major function on the green, we had a good turnout, plenty of people looking at the paintings, and at least one sale.

Thanks to Sandy for chairing this exhibit again this year, and to Veronica, Sandy, and Patty for "hanging". And of course, thanks to the 15 (if I've counted correctly) artists who entered paintings to create a fine little show.  The exhibit will be in place now until August 3rd.


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