Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mercy Center 2013

Greetings to All,

When I arrived at the gazebo around 7:30 AM, I found Keiko already setting up. It was not raining. Both of us set up just behind the fence by the beach front. We had about an hour to get started before the sky began to spit. Working vertical helped to keep the paintings relatively dry. Around that time, Patty, Terry, and Hans showed up, and Betsy came shortly after that. All of us settled in under the trees, but soon the trees started letting the rain through. I think Keiko left around 9:30. By 10, most of us had had enough. But Hans wanted to do a little more work. We left him painting in his new David Dewey pose, working his new David Dewey style!

The rest of us went inside to check out the "Look for the Good" exhibit in the Center's art gallery, by East Hartford artist, Diana Lyn Cote. The artist painted 366 postcard size paintings over the course of 2012, each one inspired by her year-long reflection on where she finds gladness. I've included a photo - below - of one of the 12 panels. Quite extraordinary.  It takes a long time to view this exhibit properly. Each postcard is a lively and beautifully executed miniature painting, and many are accompanied by a hand-printed personal reflection about the idea behind the artwork.

In spite of the rain-out part, six of us got to paint out, together, in a beautiful, peaceful place, and the bonus of viewing the fine work of this dedicated artist. Now if only we would follow her example and create art every day!

Next week -- Branford Green. Either I or Sally will post that with directions. Still not sure whether I will be away...

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