Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Henry Whitfield Museum -- 6 August 2013

We were eight again -- but a different 8 -- Hans, Keiko, Marge, Betsey, Jay, Patty, Silvia - for her first time this season - and me. Hans was the early-bird, as he had to leave early. The rest of us got a slower start. It was interesting to see how the different aspects of this subject changed as the sun moved through the morning. When Hans and I started around 8 AM, the only interesting angle was from the northwest. But by mid-morning, you could find angles and light and shadow everywhere. This has to be the one site that is better later.

We wondered what has become of all our Tuesday painters from past years! By August, I expected we would be creeping back up into the 20's of painters, and I wondered whether the group might get unwieldy as we combined the original group with all the new people who have begun to paint regularly. Instead, we have not so many of either category. The question is -- should we stay with our Thursday time frame throughout the season, rather than going to Tuesdays for the summer. The Thursday group had been consistent and growing. If the Tuesday participants are not coming on Tuesdays, perhaps Thursday would be as good or better. What do you think?

I have switched around our schedule a little for the next two weeks, largely because it suited my personal schedule, I confess. Next Tuesday, we will paint at Mercy Center in Madison. The following two weeks, I hope I might be on vacation. Perhaps there might be some boating involved... We'll see. I have scheduled Branford Green for the 20th, and we are confirmed for Medad Tavern for the 27th.

In September, we are back to Thursdays instead of Tuesdays.  For Labor Day week, I have left our Thursday schedule open, as I was thinking we might send a small contingent to participate in the September 8th (Saturday) "Down by the Riverside" paint-out in New London. If you might be interested in doing that, please leave a comment on this post.

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  1. If it's cool out on Sept 8, I would love to go paint in New London with a group. Do you have more info?

  2. I'll post the event soon. Cheryl has the updated info.