Thursday, April 16, 2015

Madison Surf Club - 16 April 2015

Yesterday when I went by the Surf Club to check things out, all was as we have experienced it before, except that there was a chain across the boat launch area and signs saying something like: Access for Boat-Owners only. Well, not quite so friendly as before, but the same views as before, with all the boat racks against the back fence. This morning, I found all the boat racks moved in a circle around the launch area and heavy equipment moving things around. So much of what we had found attractive in that area before was not quite so scenic. The lyrical forms of the snow fence that I was thinking about painting were (are and will be) are blocked by boat racks.

On top of that, noisy workers were repairing the stone steps, and a group of dance-er-cisers were working out to loud music on the sea side of the clubhouse. I guess it can't all be just idyllic.

But eight of us found scenes that we liked, and the weather was about perfect.Judy and Hans found a way into the chained boat launch area, near where I was painting. Cheryl, and Silvia, who we had not seen for a while, painted on the waterfront. Betsey, Denise, and Jay found their muses right at the edge of the back parking lot before the grove. The morning flew by, even for those of us who arrived a little after 9 AM. Of course some of that is just all of us catching up after the relative isolation of the winter months.

Since some of us had not brought lunch, five of us decided to go back to Cilantro's on the Guilford Green, where we continued our chat.

Next week, I'm thinking about a boatyard. Maybe Brewer's Bruce & Johnson in Branford if they will have us.Let's hope for another sunny day.

Madison Surf Club

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