Thursday, April 23, 2015

Brewer - Bruce & Johnson Marina

Mid-forties is a bit nippy, especially with a 15 mph wind blowing. So I guess I understand where most everyone was this morning. But Sally was out there with me for the first hour -- albeit in a different area. Both of us tail-gated, using our cars to block the wind. But Sally set up in the shade, and I think she may have been getting wind from multiple directions. I found a sunny spot (mindful but not caring that my painting was in full sun) and got pretty good protection. I was able to paint bare-handed, which was fortunate, as I forgot to throw in gloves.

But it was a day for color. I wish we had had more painters to see whether everyone would have gone saturated.

Jay came by -- found me in my obscure corner of the yard -- but he had to work, so he stayed just for a little chat.

Still working on a place for next week. I have one in mind but can't say yet, as it requires permission.


Brewer - Bruce & Johnson Marina

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