Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bauer Farm 2013 -- 30 July

Just one community gardener or dog-walker was there when I arrived around 7:45 AM. But oh those long blue shadows and the cool air! It must have been about 8:30 or 9 before others began to arrive, but it was still cool. Some actually added long sleeves to stay warm. The light breeze continued through the morning, keeping things fresh even when the sun got more aggressive. Although it helped to have a shade umbrella or a leafy tree.

We were nine -- Jay, Terry E, Pam R, Betsey, Cindy, Cheryl, Gretchen B, Joan McP, who slipped in unnoticed quite late, and me. The time flew by, and as I was still in workshop mode, totally focused, I neglected to get around with my camera for some candid shots.

Next week we are confirmed at the Henry Whitfield State Museum in Guilford. I will post directions along with the call to paint.


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