Friday, May 31, 2013

Foote Riverside Park and Overlooks -- 30 May 2013

Five of us painted – Bob VanM, Keiko, and I at Foote Riverside and Gretchen B. and Pam at the mini-parks on Montowese. Sally came by early to say she was not feeling well and would not be able to paint. Not sure how many people might have painted on the Madison Green with Jay’s group. I know that may have been more convenient for those of you to the east of Guilford. The important thing was to be out there painting somewhere. It was a beautiful morning – hot in the sun but just right in shade, with a little breeze to keep things pleasant but not blow stuff around.

Next week we switch to Tuesdays. We will be at the Neck Road Boat Ramp area in Madison. I’ll send directions. Tide will be high (but not super-high) at 9 AM and falling through the morning.

I’m hoping for Hyland House on June 11th, and we are confirmed for Flo-Gris in Old Lyme on the 18th and Essex Steam Railroad on the 25th.

If any of you were thinking about inviting the group to paint at your home, now would be a good time to get it on the calendar. Although we are committed for August 6th and 27th, the 13th and 20th are available, the month of July is open for any Tuesday, and September and October are open for any Thursday. For your planning, remember that the group has become quite large in the summer months.


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