Saturday, July 5, 2014

Thomas Griswold House -- Guilford -- Thursday, 3 July 2014

Greetings to All,

Finally, a few minutes to post our Thursday outing...

Thirteen painters showed up at this final venue of our Guilford series-- starting around 8:20 -- Jay Bt, Ann P, Pam, Kay, Kaleigh, Terry, Patty, Betsey, Hans, Tina, Joan McP, Bob VanM, and me. A beautiful morning, although we were mindful of the urgency to get our paintings down before the weather came. It never came, thank you very much...

Tina and Jay both worked in their sketchbooks. Anne and Pam worked vignettes. Joan McP, who arrived late and had to leave early, worked fast, loose, and small. Hans pressed to get a second iteration of his already free and loose barn view. And we all were scrambling to see and translate those ever-changing shadows.

Pam (who has moved to Portland, ME!!!) was early to arrive and, as usual, early to depart. She will be close to her family and enjoying the sounds of quiet ... I'm sorry that I was distracted enough when she left that I neglected to bid her farewell properly. But we'll have her always cheery smile on record here and hope that she stays in touch and maybe comes back to paint with us now and then.

Bob arrived a bit late, painted out of my view, and left before I could corral him for a quick photo. Joan and Jay also cut out early. But even with the early departures, it was great to have a full complement of painters.

Remember, Monday, 10-Noon -- Receiving for the Hyland House exhibit. Up to three framed paintings and up to three unframed but in protective sleeves for a flip-to-view bin.

The schedule calls for Edgerton Park in New Haven next week, but I was the only one of this week's group interested in going there. We discusssed alternatives, and someone mentioned Stony Creek, which I did not have on our schedule yet. With the Stony Creek show coming up, that was a natural for next week. ... assuming we don't have another hurricane coming up the coast by then...


Thomas Griswold House

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