Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Madison Surf Club -- 21 May 2014

Greetings to All,

It was another glorious morning at the Surf Club. It must be some magic that Jay brings to bear on paint-out day. In addition to the magic with the brush...

There must have been 15 or more people painting, some of whom I do not know. And I ran out of battery before I got everyone. Let's see, there was Jay, Sally, Judy, Cheryl, Elena, Jeannette, Marge, Tina, Hans, and me -- that's nine painters who are regulars with CTSA, and Anne C, back out with us for the first time in more than two years. Welcome back, Anne! Then from MAS, we had Patricia S and Pat G, who are in my photos, plus at least three or four others in the area where I was painting. I'm pretty sure there were others who may have just painted elsewhere, perhaps around the clubhouse, as I know of two others -- Mary N, and Jay Bt, who said they would be there, but whom I did not see.

We will not be painting tomorrow, Thursday, as the forecast suggests it might be a bit wet. We'll try again for next Thursday, with the same Guilford agenda. I'll post it again when we're close enough to see a believable forecast.


Madison Surf Club

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