Friday, May 16, 2014

Branford Green -- 15 May 2014

Greetings to All,

Occasionally when the forecast isn't quite right, it's a nice surprise! Six of us had a glorious morning under the flowering pears (and cherries) on the Branford Green. The fragrance was heavenly, and the only showers we had were showers of petals, which were everywhere -- see the photos of my palette and brushes. We even saw winks of sun through high clouds.And at the rate of blossom-fall and leafing out that we observed, those trees probably are mostly green already.

It was great to have Tina back -- I think the last time we had painted together was inn the spring of last year in Old Lyme. This Thursday, it was Jay, Betsey, Judy, Joan McP, Tina, and me. Joan came without her colors and sketched. I came without watercolor paper and worked in my sketchbook.Tina and I both were in the middle of second sketches when the clock chimed twelve and stayed later to finish.

Thanks to those of you who didn't let me get away with the gloom and doom attitude with which I started the morning!

So -- this week I'll work on assembling our schedule for the summer. If I tell you it's coming, maybe I'll get cracking and actually work on it... But next week, let's maybe think about painting at either the Guilford Docks or Thomas Whitfield Museum in Guilford, depending on wind conditions, or if it's rainy, we'll shoot for the Guilford railroad station.


Branford Green

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