Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Minute Invitations

Greetings to All,

Jay has invited me to extend an invitation to CTSA members to paint with his MAS group in Branford tomorrow, Tuesday.  I was looking at that as a possibility for Thursday, but it looks like Thursday will be cloudy. Assuming Thursday still is not rainy, we will plan to be in Branford again. There are plenty of subjects there, so that if you go Tuesday, you'll still have plenty to choose from on Thursday. Alas, I'll not be able to make it Tuesday, as I have a studio session in Guilford. But go and catch those trees if you can.

See Jay's note, below:


The Bradford Pears are in full bloom and won't last on Branford Green.
I am painting there tomorrow AM on if anyone wants to venture out.
Partly sunny/ clouds and best forecast of the week.
The art rule book states that you can change the color of tree blossoms to pink if thats what you want to do.

I'll be toward Montowese street side. Nice blossoming trees everywhere and more.
This is a pre-season dress rehearsal for me and I'm ready.


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