Friday, June 17, 2016

On Thursday, June 16, the group painted at Mercy Center in Madison.

It was lovely at the Mercy Center.  The water was so calm & relaxing - nothing like the stormy weather in North Guilford when I (Patty) left home this morning.   The Mercy Center is always a peaceful place to paint and today's weather was perfect whether painting on the beach or doing landscapes. 

We had a good turnout. Polly, George, Denise, Cheryl, Laura, Betsey, Liz, Lorraine, Rosemary, Jay Babina, Jeanne, Diana, and Patty enjoyed the calm waters of Long Island Sound and serenity of Mercy Center. 

It looks like many of you were on the beach. Usually when we go, it’s too hot to be on the beach.   I’m glad that you all had that opportunity.  I’ve attached some pics that Jay and Betsey sent me (I had to leave early). 

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