Saturday, May 2, 2015

Van Wilgen's Garden Center -- May 2014

Greetings to All,

We had seven painters and one supporter/cheerleader for a beautiful morning of painting at this splendid garden center on a day that was supposed to be mostly cloudy but which turned out to be mostly sunny. After a long photo session for me and then some extended chatting with Jay and Betsey, Jay, Silvia, Betsey, and I set up near the front entry, among the colorful annual offerings. Judy headed for the koi pond, and I'm guessing from her beautiful painting that she has been channeling, studying and practicing koi. Hans and Dorothea arrived a bit later, and Hans set up for a distant perspective on the barn, while Dorothea cheered all of us on. Julia arrived very late and joined the cluster near the front.

But this place has so much more than what we painted, as you will see from the photos. I hope we will have the privilege of going back to paint again later this year.

After our wrap-up, most of us headed to G-Cafe Bakery in Branford Center for lunch. That set up thoughts about next week. The cherries and some apple trees are in full bloom on the green. Remembering what fun that was last year, I have to schedule us to paint in Branford again next week. So far, the forecast looks good. Expect the post on Monday or Tuesday, when we can have better assurance. It looks like there might be some rain in mid-week.

Meanwhile, good luck to all who are entering work in the Madison Art Society Exhibit today! I'm helping to hang the show tomorrow, and I'll hope your artwork will be in the mix.

Also, if you get a chance, you might enjoy the very eclectic first juried show of the year at Essex Art Association, which opened last night. CTSA's own Anne Coffee had three beautiful paintings in the show, one of which - Ribboned Irises - won a prize.  Congratulations, Anne. Six other CTSA members have work in the EAA show - Pam Morgan, Bev Schirmeier, Lois Kenkare, Betsey Evarts, Tom Mayer, and I.


Van Wilgen's Garden Center

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