Thursday, December 4, 2014

Meig's Point -- December 2014

At wake[up time, my thermometer said about 26 degrees, but by 10, it was almost balmy. Six of us painted -- Betsey, Judy, Hans, Pam, Tina, and me. Pam was recovering from surgery on her foot, so she painted from her car. Tina hiked into the campground to find her stream. The rest of us tucked under the bluff on Meig's Point Beach and basked in the perfect sun trap.The first thing I did was to chuck my winter hat, jacket, and gloves and unzip my fleece. It may be December, but we sure had a beautiful painting day.

Pam left early. When Tina joined us on the beach, just after noon, we were blown away by her multi-media masterpiece. She started with watercolor -- the blues -- then added acrylics -- the browns -- then went at it with charcoal and I think pen, and for good measure she used her fingernails to scrape out some sunlit branches. Masterful! And in about one hour.

Before returning home, Hans, Betsey, Judy and I drove to the Madison Senior Center to view the splendid exhibit by Joan McP and Sandy Kensler.

Meig's Point



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