Friday, November 14, 2014

Birbarie Marine -- November 2014

Seven painters found inspiration amid Birbarie's hauled out boats -- Jay, Jane, Sally, Judy, Julie, Joan McP, and me -- a run on "J" names. Things started out a bit cool, with an arctic bite in the north wind. So we started out pretty bundled up, but as the wind abated and the sun baked us, it got quite hot for those of us who were positioned in the sun. You wouldn't know it to look at the pictures, but while you're painting, you really can forget almost everything else.

I was thrilled to have the man on SV Lucky Girl setting up the framework for his winter cover while I painted. I'll do another studio painting with him perched in his red coat against that blue sky.

We did have a short morning, and some shorter than others, as they came later.We quit a bit before noon. Jane's feet were cold -- she was painting in a shaded area -- I was preparing lunch for company, and Judy also had to leave. Jay ended up with a complete painting, but the rest of us still were in various stages of blocking in.

Jane, you need to come whenever we paint so we will have a nice low car with fancy hubcap bookends to prop up our paintings!

Next week, I have Medad Tavern on my schedule. We'll see how the weather comes around...

Birbarie Marine

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