Friday, November 8, 2013

Meig's Point -- 7 November 2013

Greetings to All,

It was just irresistible. The sun and blue sky popped through the light cloud cover around 7 AM, and the air outside was balmy. And the forecast and weather map suggested we might have until 11 AM before encountering showers. In an email exchange with our regular painters, I found two takers -- Betsey and Hans -- for a last minute decision to paint at Meig's Point.

It was beautiful, if overcast, when we arrived around 9:30. Just a moderate breeze from the west, and we were pretty much sheltered by the land contours. Hans got to work immediately and had his drawing already complete by the time Betsey arrived and I finally stopped roaming and got my gear set up. Betsey chose the most exposed site, but she said it was not uncomfortable.

The showers came at 10:45 -- a little early. But both Hans and Betsey had virtually complete paintings by then, and I'm always happy to finish from a photo anyway, so it was a successful morning. And always fun to be out together.

From now on, with the weather chilling down and winds almost certainly a factor, I don't like to choose a site in advance. Fundamentally, we're looking for a place where we can be in the sun, if there is any, and out of the wind. I'll hope for input from you, if you have ideas for places that might fit this profile. From this distance, next Thursday is looking pretty iffy again, but you never know.

Photos from Meig's Point

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