Friday, November 13, 2015

Stony Creek Painting in Gale Force Winds Nov 13

Back by popular demand—our weekly wrap ups!

Seven CTSA intrepid painters (Diana, Cheryl, Betsey, Jay Bright, Ed, Jane, and I) showed up to paint Friday morning at Stony Creek in what turned out to be gale force winds.

Jay Bright found a perfect spot among the phragmites which provided him a good windbreak and a great view of the tidal marsh with an old barn that was renovated into a home in the background.  Diana and Cheryl set up their easels over the tidal inlet to catch the breaking waves on the rocks in full exposure to the WSW winds.  You could feel the salt spray in the air.  Betsey and I painted in what should have been the lee of the SC fife and drum corp building but wound up in a wind tunnel so that leaves and dirt covered our palettes, paintings, and got into everything.  I now have lots of sandy texture in my oil painting and a gritty feeling in my mouth.

There were falling easels and jugs of water.  Cheryl experienced the initiation rites of a plein air oil painter when her palette flew back against her body, covering her windbreaker with an assortment of colors.  Take a look at this year's Plein Air Salon Finalist, oil painter Jim McVicker's jacket.  He must have had a few incidents before he switched to the Strada easel!

We never located Ed again after the morning greeting.  Hopefully he drove back to NH and wasn't blown away.

Diana and Jay left before noon. Cheryl, Betsey, Jane, and I found refuge at Stony Creek Pizza for lunch, finally shielded from the wind.  Could it be possible that the cold would be more tolerable than the wind?  I guess we'll see in a few months.  ;-)


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