Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dudley Farm Painting Day

Cloudy most of the day with 8 painters (Jay, Cheryl, Roseanne, Diana, Betsey, Ed, Isabel, me) but overall pleasant conditions with so much to paint.  Dudley Farm is always a rewarding venue.  We'll be going there again soon.  This will be a beautiful venue for one of those special snow days with brilliant sun.

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  The sheep and oxen welcomed us with open arms, or well, eyes. 

Everyone arrived bundled up as it proved to be cooler than predicted with the heavy overcast sky.  The sun peeked out every now and then close to noon teasing us with its warmth.  Five of us headed to lunch at Cilantro's at 1, leaving Ed and Isabel still painting.  

Jay's new style.  
No, it's really his palette.  Below is his actual painting. 

Ed did this on a 5 x7. 

Diana bought red tinted glasses to help in determining values in her painting below. 
She said they really helped.  Anyone want to try them? 

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