Thursday, October 29, 2015

Stony Creek day

I just had to post a couple shots from today.  It was beautiful at Stony Creek.  At 9 AM, the SSW winds were blowing through the gazebo area where we usually paint.  The spartina grasses were golden among the dark wet rocks but it would have been impossible to keep our easels upright there.  So all four of us took off looking for a place to shield from the wind as the blue skies kept peeking out from behind the clouds.

Betsey and I used the large building at the fork of the road farther down the street from the beach gazebo as a wind breaker and had a couple of structures as subjects.  Sharon and Marge walked farther down that street to the tidal inlet and managed to keep out of the wind.

So Stony Creek plein air days have so much more to offer when we are not scorched by the summer sun and especially in the fall.


P.S. Still unsure about the venue for next week.  Depends on the weather forecast.

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